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BRIJ MOHAN AMAR RAHE (Netflix) – Has an intriguing plot that could have resulted in a much better comic crime thriller. (Review By Bobby Sing)

11 Dec, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

Another movie based in Delhi, wrongly or rather deliberately portraying it as a city where everyone uses abuses and ‘Bhaji’ in a Punjabi tone in their routine conversations, BRIJ MOHAN AMAR RAHE thankfully has an intriguing plot of a conman. And the plot revolves around a young shopkeeper deeply caught in debts, who plans to fake his death, goes through a facial makeover and takes on a fresh, new identity conning the people around.

Written and directed by Nikhil Bhat, though the film is not as exciting or engaging as it appeared to be from its trailer, it still remains a brave and interesting attempt being a rare comic thriller as well as a satire on the corrupt system. Unfortunately the film falters as it tries to incorporate too many sub-plots into the narration resulting in a confusing and clumsy progression losing the grip post the initial 30 minutes or so. 

Besides the writing as well as the direction unnecessarily presents the characters in an over the top form, who more or less appear to be too loud moving away from reality. Hence despite being authentic in art direction and on-location shoot, the drama never looks like real making a far lesser impact. On the other hand, forced sexual insertions are yet again there, just to grab the attention without any need as such which hugely affects the otherwise sincere performances by the cast including Arjun Mathur, Nidhi Singh, Manav Vij and Yogendra Tikku.
The continuous flow of events never becomes convincing enough in its less than two hours of duration and it all becomes a drag in the second hour. However it always hurts the most if such intriguing plot gets no clever and satisfying culmination which sadly also is a feature associated with BRIJ MOHAN AMAR RAHE. Therefor this can only be seen if you cannot make a choice surfing the Netflix list of films wasting a considerable amount of time or wish to watch something wacky and loud with the supposedly Delhi lingo in a fast-forward mode.
Rating : 2.5 / 5

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