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BUMBOO - A worthless official remake of a Cult Comedy from the West. (Review By Bobby Sing)

19 Apr, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B / Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

From the last few years Bollywood has been open to fresh ideas and low budget experimental projects especially after the success of small films such as BHEJA FRY (2007). But where Bheja Fry was a complete rip-off, the present BUMBOO is the official remake of L'EMMERDEUR or A PAIN IN THE ASS (1973) written by Francis Veber who interestingly was also the man behind THE DINNER GAME (1998), the original source for Bheja Fry.

It seems that the famous comedy writer-director Francis Veber has too many fans or followers in Bollywood. A few years back David Dhawan made his DO KNOT DISTURB (2009) inspired from Francis’s THE VALET (2006), and now we have an official remake of one of his most famous movies which has been remade more than thrice. After its first release in 1973 directed by Edouard Molinaro (in French), the film was remade by Billy Wilder in English with the title BUDDY BUDDY in 1981. Director Kartal Tiber made it in Turkish in 1982 calling it BAS BELASI. And Francis himself directed its French remake with the same title in 2008.
Unfortunately the latest Indian remake of the cult comedy remains the worthless of them all without offering any kind of entertainment in its short duration. The original story revolves around a Hit man who checks into a hotel right in front of the court to shoot his given target. But his adjoining room is taken by a frustrated man who wishes to kill himself after a broken affair. Now how this man becomes an obstacle in the Hit man’s mission is the whole gist of the movie. It’s a black comedy which has many interesting sequences in its 1973 and 1981 versions. But in BUMBOO the writers fail to impress completely following the 2008 version of Francis Veber along with its added tracks such as the scenes in the police van moving towards the court. Moreover with an all over the top & amateurish climax it becomes a hugely painful experience bought for a price.
Debutant director Jagdish Rajpurohit, who also plays a cameo in the film, tries too hard to make you laugh, which doesn’t work at all. The execution of its various (supposed to be funny) sequences is unimpressively over stretched which is unable to generate any kind of laughter among the audience. Apart from the direction the main culprit behind the failure of this remake is its inappropriate casting wherein Sharat Saxena doesn’t fit into the lead role of a helpless hit-man at all. Kavin Dave has only got the funny looks but hasn’t got the other essential elements to feature in a comic movie. Sudhir Pandey once again overacts in his short role. But only Sanjay Mishra is the one who gives you some good moments in this bizarre attempt. Musically the film has nothing to offer just as its script.

In short, Bumboo is one of those lousy remakes which ruin the magic of watching their original hits. So better avoid it and go for any of its earlier versions, preferably the very first one made in 1973.
Ratings : 1 / 5 (Just for Sanjay Mishra and the crew)

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