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Bawarchi (1972) and its past and future inspirations.

21 Mar, 2011 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B

Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s “Bawarchi” (The Cook) remains one of the most enjoyable and intelligently made films amongst the rich repertoire of the master director. Fondly remembered both by the fans of the veteran director as well as the immensely successful actor Rajesh Khanna, the film still gets you hooked on to your T.V. sets whenever it is being played on one of your favourite movie channels.

But along with the above mentioned truth, the other fact related with this classic masterpiece is that it’s not an original work and the film has its own story of inspirations from the past.
“Bawarchi” in Hindi was based on “Galpa Holeo Satyi”, a Bengali comedy film directed by Tapan Sinha which was released in 1966. In this Rabi Ghosh, played the central character of the suspicious but influential and talented servant, which was enacted by Rajesh Khanna in its Hindi version.
But even before that there was an English Classic released in 1936, titled “My Man Godfrey” which also had a similar script revolving around a newly introduced Butler in a house and his changing relationships with all its members. The film was again remade in 1957 with the same title.
Later in the year 1997, director David Dhawan again re-twisted the idea and successfully generated another hit comedy “Hero No.1” wherein Govinda played the lead role of the entertaining servant of a house.
However, despite of having all these inspirational angles, “Bawarchi” still remains one of my favourite films since it possesses an un-ignorable soothing power to bring in a positive transformation in the messed up living styles of all its viewers.

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