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CONTRACT - Still Waiting for RGV's old spirited form. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

24 Jul, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Ram Gopal Verma returning with his third underworld film, after “Satya” & “Company” was indeed a great news which raised the expectations level again from the master film-maker after his recent “Sarkar Raj”.

But all the expected standards were shattered and nothing new and impressive was there in his Trilogy movie “Contract” featuring all newcomers. 10 minutes into the movie and you know that RGV again has come up with a product not matching his own standards set in the past.
The plot was partly similar to “Departed” and was also quite predictable for an underworld movie. Putting a spy in the Terrorists Gang and then tracking their plans is what we have already seen numerous times in Bollywood movies.
The criminal characters and their presentation, resembled RGVs own “Company” to a huge extent. Like the female accompanist in the gang was exactly the same as Manisha Koirala with Ajay Devgan. The debutant Prasad has just played the role with no conviction. Zakhir Hussain was loud in his scenes.
RGV has got a great creative film-maker in himself, but in recent times he seems to be lost his way. Especially in the music department, as music of almost all his recent films have gone unnoticed. As I see it, new unexploited plots are the key point to have him back in form. Underworld movies should be given a break and may be a musical comedy like “Rangeela” can give us back our good old Ram Gopal Verma.
Still Waiting for RGV to get back in form again! Sadly it was not this time.

Ratings : 1 / 5

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