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Chotti Si Baat (1975) & School For Scoundrels (1960) - Movies To See Before You Die (Comedy)

01 Aug, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / C / Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

This was the first movie which came with the concept of “Love Guru” in Hindi Cinema, decades  before “Hitch” & “Partner” were made. Ashok Kumar, plays the Love Master here teaching the confidence tricks to Amol Palekar as he wants to win over Vidhya Sinha. An engrossing and entertaining comedy talking about the man & woman psyche in a hilarious manner. Asrani as the third angle in the love triangle is too funny in his mannerisms, who finds hard to digest the sudden changes in Amol Palekar’s personality. His responses to the new energetic tactics played by Amol are a pure delight to watch.

It remains one of the most loved comedy films famous for its catchy theme of how to be confident and win over girls. The movie was liked by every person young & old for its brilliant script & treatment. Especially for the bold & amusing teachings of Ashok Kumar, the innocence of Amol Palekar & Vidya Sinha and the funny defeat of Asrani.

One of the best sequence, is the one where an old motor cycle is bought and then sold back to its dealer at a higher price. And another, where Asrani finds it tough to eat the Chinese food with chopsticks. A special mention must be made for the meaningful songs incorporated beautifully in the movie also sung brilliantly.

But sadly most of the highly enjoyable sequences in the Hindi Comedy were all taken from “School For Scoundrels” (1960). The moment I came to know about this, it took away a big part of my respect towards the movie and its director. But still if you haven’t seen this yet, then you are missing one of best comedy flicks from Bollywood. And if you really want to watch how inspiration can be a spoil sport then essentially do watch “School For Scoundrels” as that is from where Basu Chatterjee took its major content from.
(Chhoti Si Baat) Directed By Basu Chatterjee
Starring : Amol Palekar, Vidya Sinha, Asrani & Ashok Kumar
Music By Salil Choudhury

(School For Scoundrels) Directed By Robert Hammer
Starring : Ian Carmichael, Terry Thomas, Alastair Sim & more

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