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Citizen Kane (1941) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

15 Sep, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

While watching this all time classic I was amazed to see the grandeur and huge canvas on the screen, visualized by its makers at that time of the century. It really must have taken a lot of courage to even think of making such a spectacular movie in 1941. No doubt, that is the reason for its being there in the Top 10 All Time Great Movies list by all critics and lovers of world cinema.

A well conceived movie with majestic touch. It revolves around the life span of a self made business personality and about his journey in the financial world. The huge sets in the climax were really unimaginable and a true experience to watch. Frankly speaking, I was more convinced by its direction and magnificent treatment of the movie than its content and storyline. It’s not a thorough entertaining stuff for the normal cine lover, but technically it has all the qualities of a great movie if viewed from the eyes of a film-maker. Hence go for it if you are keen on studying the art of film-making in a grand style.
Directed By Orson Welles
Starring : Joseph Cotten & Dorothy Comingore

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