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DEDH ISHQIYA's mesmerizing relation with Urdu literature and its renowned exponents. (An insight by Bobby Sing)

11 Jan, 2014 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / D / Articles on Cinema

(It is suggested to read the article only after watching the film)
As a worthy sequel of ISHQIYA (2010), the recently released worth praising gem from Hindi Film Industry has a quite encouraging relation with Urdu literature, which is not mentioned clearly in its promotional material. But still needs to be explored and told to everyone interested in the finer details of a multi-layered film such as DEDH ISHQIYA.
Dr. Bashir Basr In ISHQIYAHonestly for many friends, the extensive use of URDU language in the film might put them off as they are not willing to read any subtitles and just wish to have it simple and straight without any extra efforts required. But for friends who really have a soft liking of the language, a fine interest in Urdu poetry and are also well familiar with the works of many renowned exponents of its rich literature, DEDH ISHQIYA is a great experience to relish, giving its humble tribute to two eminent personalities mentioned below.
Firstly, the film chooses one of the most respected names in Urdu Shaayri today of DR. BASHIR BADR and uses his poetry for all Mushaira sequences in the film, giving the due credits in the opening titles of the film too, with much respect. So for all fans of the living legend of Urdu Shayri, this is surely a step to be cheered in loud words and the makers truly deserve their share of appreciation for doing it in the most authentic way as it should be done ideally.
Ismat ChugtaiSecondly, the writers of the film Vishal Bhardwaj, Darab Farooqui and Abishek Chaubey actually pay their very smart and hidden tribute to the famous progressive Urdu writer ISMAT CHUGTAI through their fine storyline, which in reality can be called a very intelligent adaptation of her controversial story LIHAAF written in the 1940s. Even a dialogue in the film clearly mentions the name of this story very prominently and then the intimate relationship indicatively shown between Madhuri and Huma (through shadow play and subtle physical touches) says it all.
Incidentally LIHAAF was also the story used as the backdrop of Deepa Mehta’s FIRE (1996) which had its own share of big controversies as faced by Ishmat Chugtai in the 1940s when a court case was filed against her for writing an obscene story dealing with lesbian characters.
Now though the film doesn’t use the exact references of the story in its beautifully crafted screenplay, but if you have read the story then you can easily find the whispering voices of Begum Jaan and Rabbu coming straight from Ismat Chugtai’s LIHAAF, merging into Begum Para and Muniya of DEDH ISHQIYA mesmerizingly.

(Bobby Sing)

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