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DOBAARA - Why they are so keen to serve westernized horror to the audience desperately waiting for the entertaining Indian horror? (Review by Bobby Sing)

02 Jun, 2017 | ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / D / Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

Having seen OCULUS (2013), which is not any exceptional English horror flick, I was really in doubt when I heard that they are going for an official remake of the same as the latest Hindi horror film, making a big mistake. Still I thought that probably they would present it giving an Indian twist, focusing on the mirror as some kind of “Shaapit (Cursed)” object by an evil spirit having a past, adding the much required thrill to the project recalling the Ramsay movies made on the similar pattern.

But sadly the makers do not try anything of that sort in the entire film and strangely come up with an almost scene-to-scene representation of the original which simply remains unappealing and alien to the Indian audience right from its initial confusing sequences making a bad start. Presenting the entire story happening in the west (with no Indian connect whatsoever), DOBAARA begins with extensive use of English in its dialogues (with no Hindi subtitles) and fails to make any kind of connect with the viewers, offering a completely uninteresting and overstretched first half and that too without anything horrifying happening on the screen unexpectedly. 

The things get even worst post intermission and the only thing forcing you to remain seated in the theater is the comfort of its extra cool air conditioning continuing for another hour or so. The brother sister lead pair (probably roped in to avoid the casting trouble) never succeeds in making any kind of impression on the audience already in a state of depression and the film doesn’t even deserve to be called a Horror genre film to be straight.
An utter waste of efforts, resources and time, DOBAARA is an evident example of how the Indian directors are pretty confused about what kind of horror our viewers are willing to watch in the second decade of this ‘much advanced’ new millennium. And a few wrongly assume them to be looking for the same kind of horror as repetitively seen in all the English films.
In my humble opinion Indian audience are desperately looking for an upgraded version of a typical Indian horror, with all the familiar engaging elements as always there in many of the Ramsay Brothers hit movies. 
However DOBAARA remains far away from anything like that and can easily be described as a film which is not even sure of what language it has to interpret its basic theme in. Further making it clear, it’s an otherwise Hindi film in which a Sheesha (or Aaina) is never called a Sheesha even once but only Mirror in its entire duration of less than two hours.
Certainly one of the most horrible horror films of the recent times, good for nothing.
Rating : 0.5 + 0.5 / 5 (with the first 0.5 for the technical crew and the additional 0.5 for Adil Hussain trying his best to do it differently.)

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