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Don’t get fooled by the easy success route shown in films like SECRET SUPERSTAR. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

30 Nov, 2017 | Articles on Cinema

It’s good to watch an uplifting movie, inspiring you to follow your passions living a more satisfying life. But it’s sad and unfortunate when a film tries to give the message portraying a false or fake picture of the actual scenario making a fool of its viewers.
Taking an example of the recently released SECRET SUPERSTAR, it’s a good entertaining flick featuring some fabulous performances. But at the same time its also a film that wrongly guides the youngsters showcasing an easy path to success that doesn’t really exist in the real life.
Probably the following eye-opener points would help you accept the actual ground reality in the present music business.
1. If you have a good voice and sing well, then its no longer any valuable asset in the current market scenario, as the trend of music companies or individuals investing in a person just because of a great voice doesn’t exist anymore. In fact it was over long back with the beginning of the new millennium.
2. At present, you have to do everything on your own and invest on yourself before approaching a music company for a release. And that includes writing/finding the lyrics, making a composition, getting it recorded in the studio with professional music arrangement and then spending a good amount on making a decent video too, for getting promoted on YouTube through a reputed music company.
3. Don’t rely or expect a career out of the music reality shows running on various TV channels. Just think for a while that how many of them have been able to make it a profession, establishing themselves in the market post the show is over? The probability is too thin and situation quite grim putting it bluntly.
4. In reality, most of the singers active in the stream are actually earning from their LIVE-shows and not playback singing to be straight. And these shows include singing at a private-birthday-sangeet-marriage party or a corporate event celebrating their own success. Besides singing at such events is not a piece of cake as it might seem to be (asking for a big compromise with both your self-esteem and musical choices).
5. Considering the song as A Hit, looking at its views or likes on Youtube or Facebook is A BIG MIRAGE. In other words, assuming yourself to be a star, sitting at home with just a few uploads online is the biggest misconception enjoyed by the youngsters looking for a shortcut to success. In reality any kind of image or credibility built at such networks takes years and not just days or months to be honest.
6. It really looks funny as well sad when young capable singers start considering themselves as established trained performers reaching the figure of just 20-30K views at Youtube or Facebook. This actually creates a false impression of achievement before anything substantial is achieved in the real life.
7. If truth be told, the entire network of views and likes at these social websites actually works because it’s all FREE without charging anything for the content seen (apart from the fixed data charges). And this FREE availability is the basic reason why we keep watching any random video received in our notifications, feeds or groups without caring about the valuable time spent. For example, just think, will you be watching every video you have been seeing in the last few days, if there was a charge associated with each one of them asking for your debit/credit card details?
Anyway, the bottom line is that we should surely use these networks to showcase our talent and capabilities reaching out to more like-minded friends. But expecting an instant result or success in days as shown in films such as SECRET SUPERSTAR will be like dreaming with eyes wide open living in a fantasy world.
So be active on these sites, carefully nurturing your gifted talents but don’t get carried away by the number of likes and comments made, enjoying a fake celebrity status in an unseen, imaginary world at a too early stage. 
Here at times a film gets countless praises on its FB page or trailer before its official release and then not even thousands go to watch it in the theaters buying the costly multiplex ticket. 
Give it a thought!

(Note : This article was also featured in UC-News mobile app in Nov. 2017)

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