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GO GOA GONE - A novel subject for Indian viewers, which majorly works because of its raunchy, comic dialogues and Kunal Khemu, more than the theme itself. (Review by Bobby Sing)

11 May, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / G

Go Goa Gone

A decent project talking about Zombies (for the first time ever) in an enjoyable comic manner clearly represents the appreciable welcome change sprouting in our Hindi film industry at the present. The new, fresh young minds are here to try something novel, defying all those over-used or corroded subjects and its now the turn of the viewers to express their visible consent for this change through their fair acceptance of such innovations at the box office.
Having said that its not that GO GOA GONE is a flawless movie with everything falling in the right places throughout like a perfect entertainer. The film does has its big drawbacks and is sure not a masterpiece in any cinematic terms or otherwise. But at the same time, it is a project which largely manages to entertain you despite of having “a completely foreign plot”, with no history or mention of its premise in our country’s literature or tradition. In other words, yes we have seen dead people or evil spirits killing many in our horror films, in the form of walking dead bodies in the past. Yet the word ZOMBIE (representing the similar concept) was never used here earlier till date and that’s the reason the attempt falls into the category of being an inventive and courageous one, quite evidently.
Further, GO GOA GONE can also be easily placed among all those inspired films which are more or less modeled on a western source such as SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) or ZOMBIELAND (2009), particularly aiming at the multiplex audience. But still I am not willing to criticize the movie on the above grounds because it at least breaks the ice and is daring enough to give us something never tried before in Hindi Films, representing the much desired change and an awaited make-over.
The film begins on an entertaining note as a funny young project and then fairly manages to keep you engaged in its first half mainly through its humorous, raunchy dialogues (mostly) written around sexual references. The concept of zombies (or the comic horror element in it) enters only after a good 40 minutes (in a 110 minutes film), which clearly indicates the apprehensions in the minds of its makers too. Post interval, since the thin plot has nothing else to reveal, the grip is lost and we only have the chase sequences here shot fittingly. The easily predictable climax becomes a spoils sport once again but still the funny expressions & many well written youthful conversations don’t let you write it off so easily and the film positively turns out to be an entertaining one time watch in the end.
Go Goa GoneIn exact words, what actually works in GO GOA GONE is not the zombies or the ongoing chase game played with the horrifying faces. On the contrary it’s the fabulous dialogues and the amusing comic timing of Kunal Khemu, which becomes the unexpected winner here right from the word ‘Go’. Plus it’s the intelligence with which director duo Raj & DK, amalgamate the two conflicting emotions of fear and humour together on the screen with a brilliant ease and conviction. Particularly I really loved the way they introduce or educate the Indian viewers with the concept of Zombies in just 2 minutes without any confusion.               
Interestingly, only a few weeks back another film on ‘the zombie factor’ was released titled RISE OF THE ZOMBIE touted as the first ever Indian Zombie movie. But since it was quite a weak film comparatively, so GO GOA GONE is sure going to be remembered as ‘the pioneer one’ forgetting the former in the coming years. Apart from its terrific dialogues, GGG also has few appealing songs (including the hugely likable ‘Khoon Choos Le’ & ‘Babaji Ki Booty’), an exciting background score and an eye catching cinematography which together take you on to that lonely beach of Goa right away, without getting tensed or distressed.
However since the film is only focused on this one plot only, it does become monotonous and seems to be walking on the same path (sequences) repeatedly towards the end. Also the big name of Saif Ali Khan associated with the project is not there with any worth praising performance as such and his part is more like a lengthy cameo only in his own co-production. Saif is good, but I frankly didn’t find him that impressive at all as was being projected in the promos. Out of the three lead performances, Vir Das is great in his underplayed character & Anand Tiwari is a delight to watch as the innocent one. But without any second thoughts, the film entirely belongs to Kunal Khemu and the dialogue writer alone. Especially, Kunal’s performance becomes the backbone of the project here and he is sure going to get many more similar offers post GO GOA GONE as it seems. Puja looks beautiful and does fine whereas the rest of the supporting cast has nothing significant to do in the film as they are all mostly playing the walking dead bodies.
So in totality, along with all its visible drawbacks, GO GOA GONE is based on a novel theme, has got performances and many hilarious moments too to enjoy in its less than 2 hours of duration. So you should indeed give it a try as such path breaking attempts need to be encouraged & praised in order to get more (& better) quality products in the future.
Rating : 3 / 5

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