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HOLDING BACK (Short Hindi Film) - A thought provoking short film that alarmingly reminds you of the most certain fact of life... i.e. DEATH. (Review By Bobby Sing)

28 Dec, 2016 | Articles on Cinema

Holding BackThis real life inspired short film titled HOLDING BACK strongly points towards the one subject people are even scared of discussing and talking about, the only undeniable truth, the certain reality of our lives…… i.e. DEATH.

Directed by Wilson Louis, its indeed a worth praising effort inspired from an actual incident of 1999 and its really good to see the writer-director choosing this thoughtful, emotional subject moving much ahead than the usual ‘attention-seeking’ plots often seen in the world of short films.

Getting an appreciable support from the veteran actors and technicians, HOLDING BACK has Seema Biswas and Ananth Mahadevan playing the parents and Kunal Kumar, Raj Arjun and Aditya Lakhia as the other key characters. But without disclosing anything about its basic storyline (keeping the shock-value intact), the film revolves around a mother and the trauma she courageously goes through in an unexpected situation arising during their journey together in a train.

The true story strongly makes you think about the value of each and every second lived unconsciously, assuming that there is still a lot of time left in our given days….. whereas in reality we might not be able to see the next beautiful morning and even the present day’s evening.

Personally it reminded me of a particular phrase of Guru Nanak in Sri Guru Granth Sahib where he says,
“Hum Aadmi Haan Ik Dami”.
Meaning, we all are actually dependent upon the existence of only one breath.

Do watch it as a must along with the end credits and at the time of writing this article the film could be seen at the following link (as a finalist in the Filmfare short film awards):


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