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High Fidelity (2000) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

10 Jan, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Based on an out of the box plot about a music store keeper and his friends living a directionless life. The movie is a journey into the life of youngsters, looking into the situations every one of them passes through in his youth. The lead character innovatively tries to explore the relationships he had in his past and the reasons why they all remained unsuccessful.

The way John Cusack thinks and explains his affairs with her girlfriends is just first of its kind. A perfect movie for every youngster currently in a relationship. The film tries to define life, relationships and importance of friends in a new, unique & interesting way. Some of the viewers may find it a bit slow but you are sure going to cherish the experience in the end. Highly recommended for lovers of meaningful and experimental cinema .

Directed By Stephen Frears
Starring : John Cusack & Catherine Zeta Jones

Tags : John Cusack, Catherine Zeta Jones, High Fidelity, Love Drama, Movies To See Before You Die
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