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I As In Icarus / I... Comme Icare (1979 - French) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Thriller)

27 Mar, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

There have been many worth watching political thrillers, investigative dramas and revealing documentaries too, talking about ‘The Actual Truth’ behind the famous controversies of the past. Besides, films about extraordinary assassinations, disappearing key figures and more have always been there portraying mysterious political events of various countries forming a specific genre. Still, what I AS IN ICARUS delivers in its 120 minutes of exceptional content is indeed a memorable work of a sheer genius made way back in 1979. And the film probably surpasses every other movie made on the similar subject till date, specifically for its extremely innovative, shocking and never before kind of 30 odd minutes showcasing a highly disturbing psychological experiment being conducted towards the climax.
Revolving around the tragic killing of the President of a fictitious state, the settings actually point towards the JFK assassination without taking any clear names. So beginning with a similar kind of sequence showing the unexpected bullet being fired from a high rise building, the film quickly turns into an exciting watch when a key member of the country’s investigation committee refuses to sign the Conclusive Report and wants to re-look into the murder with a new vision. Finding new undisclosed evidence contradicting the earlier theory of a single shooter hitting the target, the reputed member successfully manages to make a major breakthrough soon. But just before he is about to reveal the truth in from the whole world, an unexpected move stuns the viewer and it all ends on a very intelligent and indicative note, executed superbly.
Accompanied by some superlative performances, fine camerawork and a brilliantly composed background score, this is a great though provoking thriller with a razor-sharp vision and some highly explosive suggestive theories explained skillfully. Though in the beginning it exactly moves like just another good political thriller as expected. But the moment we are taken into the lab of Yale University where a Professor(originally Stanley Milgram)is conducting a real life experiment (actually done in the year 1960-63), the film simply turns into a true cinematic masterpiece, offering a unique food of thought for all the thinking minds in particular. The experiment is titled “Obedience to Authority”, which in all possibilities is sure going to be a never before kind of fascinating insight into the human mind for most of the viewers like myself.
In simple words, these exclusive 30 minutes of the film completely focusing on the experiment alone (being conducted on two volunteers), shockingly tell you the reason that why most of the people readily surrender themselves to the higher authorities so easily without even getting anything in return. And then further agree to commit horrendous crimes such as riots and even ruthless murder, thinking that they are probably doing something right as a service to their nation required at a crucial time. In fact this can exactly be referred as that ‘bloody psychological tool’ used by all the shrewd politicians in the time of elections, political turnovers and public revolts.
Hence, thoughtfully revealing the scandalous fact, I AS IN ICARUS certainly deserves to be seen by every single person as a must ……… just to understand that how he or she can avoid becoming a part of this sick power game unintentionally. A brilliant and unique document pointing towards many hidden aspects of the ugly politics, I really doubt any film-maker can find the courage to make such a truthful or informative film in the present autocratic scenario honestly. And as I feel, this statement alone should make you realize the urgency to watch this classic product of world cinema at the earliest.
Directed by Henri Verneuil
Written by Didier Decoin & Henri Verneuil
Starring : Yves Montand, Michel Albertini, Roland Amstutz and more.

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