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Inherit The Wind (1960) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Court Room Drama)

09 Feb, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Court Room

Court room dramas are mostly written around conspiracies, murders mysteries and ‘Who done it!’ cases. But here’s a classic, talking about one of the weirdest cases ever, which interestingly actually took place in America in the year 1925 and was called as “The Monkey Trial”.

Now the reason, why it has been referred to as weird is because it revolves around a case filed against an innocent school teacher for teaching the authentic Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to his students. The people of the state along with their religious and political leaders are simply against the famous theory and they don’t want to accept their relation with animals as their ancestors. Hence they file a case against the teacher for misleading the younger generation resulting in his unjustified arrest. A famous attorney, who has his own differences with the prosecution lawyer comes forward in his support and decides to defend the teacher using his own tricks of the trade. And then what happens in the court is highly interesting, enlightening as well as entertaining for viewers of all age groups.
Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing court room dramas ever made, which neither revolves around any murder mystery nor has anything related to any crime committed by a person. In few words “Inherit The Wind” is a pure masterpiece, based on a real intellectual kind of case, well transformed into a motion picture by the master director Stanley Kramer. Supported by some brilliant performances by its lead characters, it’s indeed a worth watching film made on an interesting chapter of American History. Highly recommended for every movie lover, who seriously wishes to see something out of the routine!
Directed By Stanley Kramer
Starring : Spencer Tracy, Fredric March, Gene Kelly, Dick York, Harry Morgan and more.

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