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KISMET LOVE PAISA DILLI - Its like a low grade, fake version of EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL (2007). (Review by Bobby Sing)

08 Oct, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / K / Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

The year 2012 has given us many worth watching films based on some novel story ideas. But even in this new welcome scenario, still there are few directors who continue to face the same old crisis of fresh ideas like never before. And one of those creative captains of the ship is the director of KLPD, who quite strangely makes his second film too on exactly the same subject, which he had earlier used in his debut venture.

Director Sanjay Khanduri made an off-beat yet entertaining film called EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL in 2007 which was based on a one night story featuring Abhay Deol in the lead. It was about a young man travelling in the Mumbai local train, who unintentionally gets caught in the web of prostitutes, dons, drugs, gays and corrupt officials, but in the ends incidentally gets loads of money in return of his painful sufferings of the night. Now after 5 long years the director of ECKLL makes his second film, questionably choosing the same kind of concept and script again as if there are no other ideas left in the whole world. And the only ‘creative’ change in the script is that this time its not the Mumbai local but Delhi’s Metro which remains the center point of the plot and nothing else.
The hero gets caught in exactly the similar kind of situations (given a Delhi-sh make-over), meeting the same kind of people in the whole night and then also gets some loads of money in the end as it was there in the original. The film decently manages to impress in its first 20 minutes as you don’t really know what its all about exactly? But once it starts giving you the same content like ECKLL then one really feels like cheated and being taken for a ride with a pretty bad second half. Hence in my opinion KLPD is a perfect example to prove that a certain section of film-makers still love to consider the viewers as complete fools who can be served the same film twice featuring different actors and background after a gap of few years.
To be honest, Sanjay’s first venture ECKLL was a much better product which won more appreciation later after its home video release. But here in his second attempt the director tries some cheap tricks too beginning with its title itself which has also got a vulgar double meaning when written in abbreviated form as KLPD. Further, the Delhi Punjabi lingo utterly fails to hit the right note with the wrong pronunciation of few words by Vivek Oberoi who simply looks fake from the first scene itself. But more importantly, in order to get some instant attention, the makers here seem to be only interested in portraying the city of Delhi, full of sex maniacs roaming freely over the night as if there is a “Jungle Raaj” kind of situation which even includes the Police in it. And that’s where KLPD goes too far in its over the top narration, not able to make any kind of comic or realistic connect with the audience.
The film has sequences which can be easily termed as childish as well as vulgar in execution and it has actors who try too hard to make their presence felt without any positive results. The humor doesn’t work at all and it even becomes irritating at times with weird characters such as the delivery boy turning into a jumping vampire with some bizarre super-hero powers. So if Vivek Oberoi chose this film to be his first release after the long break then he surely needs to appoint someone else to choose few good meaningful projects for him in the future. And the same can be said for Ashutosh Rana who also does a role which is much below his own proven caliber and on screen persona. Mallika Sherawat does nothing different from his previous films and Neha Dhupia must have done it as a favor.   
However, there still is one plus point in the film’s soundtrack which has two catchy & enjoyable songs, “Dhishkyayun” and “Appy Budday Manayenge”, perfect for all DJs to use at their dance floors. But apart from this single merit, KLPD can easily be rated as a daring venture which openly insults the creative intelligence of its own viewers quite loudly. So you can easily give it a miss for something better.
Rating : 1 / 5 (Just for its 2 good tracks)

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