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KONG SKULL ISLAND (English) - Though lacks an emotional pull and the original charm, it's still an incredibly made entertaining comic-book adventure to be experienced in a well-equipped theater. (Review by Bobby Sing)

11 Mar, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

Kong Skull IslandTo begin with, there can be no comparison drawn with the epic adventure KING KONG re-introducing the likeable monster in 2005, and the film simply remains a highly recommended class apart, also included in the Movies To See Before You Die list at BTC.

Keeping the fact aside, yes, the present venture lacks that emotional pull and the original charm of KING KONG having a big repeat value, but it still has its own strong merits and is not a complete disappointment as many recent big budget monster/disaster movies were in the last few years.

Mentioning the positives first, KONG SKULL ISLAND is a technically polished, entertaining visual adventure, with an amazing cinematography and a fast-paced, gripping narrative enhanced by a superlative VFX. The action sequences in particular keep you glued to the seats and you do enjoy watching them all along with an energetic background score reliving the kid inside. But most importantly this time we have many more giant creatures living on the island too along with KONG providing you a Jurassic Park kind of adventure bringing in the novelty factor. And then there is Samuel L. Jackson scoring the most, looking straight into the eyes of the monster like the ‘Angry Old Man’ giving you the much required cinematic moments (working as the biggest savior for the film).

Among the downers, strangely there is no character development at all in the entire film and (as mentioned above) the only actor who manages to connect with the viewers is Samuel L. Jackson. Instead of building on the excitement factor, the film straight away reveals the gigantic appearance of KONG and remains more focused on action and action alone missing those expected epic moments as seen in the highly impressive 2005 film.

In short, KONG SKULL ISLAND is a typical commercial sequel conceived by its cautious makers which strictly remains focused on its amazing visuals and action without indulging in any kind of interesting buildups, characterizations or emotions in its story developments.

Thankfully it does work as a visual extravaganza offering an entertaining comic-book kind of adventure to the interested viewers. But I do wish it had more meat in it and a much longer length too proving an equally worthy sequel of a classic film.

Rating : 3 / 5

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