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\"Kalejey Mein Jo Lag Jaati\" from KYA DILLI KYA LAHORE (2014) - (Life Teaching Dialogues / Songs from Films (2) - By Bobby Sing)

03 May, 2014 | Articles on Cinema / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / Life Teaching Dialogues and Songs

Probably the first Anti-War project coming from Hindi Cinema, KYA DILLI KYA LAHORE has some great lyrics by the living legend Gulzar in its four different songs making an off-beat yet meaningful soundtrack, worth listening and giving a thought. The songs have a clear message that, Yes the borders are there and now we have to live with these ‘drawn lines’ only offering love, care and understanding to have a better future for all our next generations. And expressing the deep thought the maestro writes,

Lakeerein Hain To Rehne Do.............., 
Kisi Ne Rooth Kar Gussey Mein Shaayad Khench Di Thi.................,
Inhi Ko Ab Banao Paala, Aur Aao Kabaddi Khelte Hain,
Lakeerein Hain To Rehne Do..............!"
However, in this article I would like to mention another song which has not been used in the film prominently but deserves to be shared with all like-minded friends looking for a ‘No-War World’ kind of scenario in this beautiful planet known as Earth.
The verses beautifully define the role of a so called enemy in our life and the hidden relationship we have with him, standing on the other side of the border carrying another loaded gun on his shoulder, ready to shoot.

And the poet asks, what would have been if the bullet fired had hit right in the heart of the opponent standing beyond the border. What would have been the result……..?
“Kalejey Mein Jo Lag Jaati, To Kya Hota……!
Bina Dushman Akela Reh Gaya Hota……!
Tujhe Tanhaayi Kha Jaati, Tu Paagal Ho Gaya Hota,
Bina Dushman Akela Reh Gaya Hota……!
Akela Kya Karega Koi……… Sarhad Ka,
Bina Dushman, Na Matlab Ka……….. Na Maqsad Ka,
Lakeerein Khench Kar Tanha Kabbaddi Khelta Hota,
Kalejey Mein Jo Lag Jaati, To Kya Hota……!
Bina Dushman Akela Reh Gaya Hota……!”
Along with these unforgettable lines, the maestro gives us two more gems addressing the friendly opponent as :
“Jo Dikhtey Ho Woh Lagtey Nahin, Jo Lagtey Ho Tum…… Ho To Nahin,
Sab Jhooth Hai Jo Tum Kehtey Ho, Jo Kehtey Ho……. Tum Woh To Nahin………!
Jhoothey Ho Tum Jhoothey…………!”
And then the Punjabi verses, written in the famous form of traditional TAPPEY as,
“Kissey Lambey Ne Lakeeran De,
Goli Naal Gall Kardey, Bol Chubhdey Ne Veeran De”
(There are long stories behind the lines drawn,
And these talks of our brothers in the form of bullets, pinch us deeply)
So if these painful lines, touch you somewhere deep in the inner soul then do listen to this soundtrack melodiously composed by Sandesh Shandilya and soulfully sung by Sukhwinder, Sandesh, Rahat, Papon, Shafqat Amanat Ali and Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, talking about something which both the countries need to understand urgently.


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