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Kapil Sharma - I'M NOT DONE YET (Web Show/Netflix) - The show makes one realize the importance and contribution of The Team in Kapil's success. (Notes By Bobby Sing)

01 Feb, 2022 | Movie Reviews / 2022 Releases

Kapil Sharma began his career on TV channels as a stand-up artist and achieved unprecedented success in a decade, becoming the most successful comedy artist on Indian Television.
He returns to stand-up comedy making his web debut on Netflix in a show titled ‘I’m Not Done Yet’. But this time it is about an hour-long show instead of just 5-10 minutes act as seen in his early performances. The duration largely remains the reason one realises that the magic witnessed in his hugely popular TV show results from a talented team and their interaction with each other and not because of just Kapil hosting it on stage.
This is in reality a show more focused on his personal journey, family memories, and his infamous cases related to Twitter, income tax, alcoholism, depression, and professional relationships. Besides, the content is presented in a carefully balanced manner, bringing in both the present and former Prime Minister, avoiding the blame of being biased.
It serves the die-hard fans well who can accept everything from their icon, connecting to his real-life stories, including an emotional song sung in English in the end. But if you are looking for a splendid one hour of cracking entertainment, then this would be a disappointment ruining the expectations. With only a few ‘Kapil Sharma kind of humorous moments’ coming at long intervals, the show isn’t anything even close to many popular stand-up comedies available on YouTube. But one still keeps on watching as there is no extra amount to be paid and the show can be seen at the leisure of sitting at home having your lunch or dinner.
However, had this been a ticket show, then the criticism would have been much more severe after spending a minimum of Rs.500-1000 on a single ticket. In short, this is a Kapil Sharma show in which the witty and funny Kapil we know of remains missing. 
As it ends, the title turns out to be very true, saying “I’m Not Done Yet” as Kapil can certainly continue to say that moving over this forgettable episode of his career. Sadly, this is another disappointing venture from Netflix India.

Rating : 2 / 5 

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