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LUCKNOW CENTRAL and its unacceptable absurdities (An overview by Bobby Sing)
19 Sep, 2017 | Articles on Cinema

As a film based upon and strongly promoted to be a prison-break thriller, LUCKNOW CENTRAL just got the cinematography, art direction and a couple of songs right in its 150 minutes of duration full of many unacceptable absurdities. And it was really a pity since the film had a promising plot and many exceptionally talented actors in the cast too led by Farhan Akhtar, who strangely acts quite casually missing the required pain and aggression of a falsely convicted youth.

A detailed article on its major loopholes written by Bobby Sing can be read at UC-News portal at the following link.

(Can be accessed at mobile app, mobile browser as well as on other internet browsers and devices too)


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