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Love Sex Aur Dhokha - LSD (2010) & Look (2007)

15 Apr, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / L

Dibaker Bannerjee’s LSD is no doubt a path breaking attempt in Indian Cinema which opens many new avenues for the budding film-makers and gives them courage to go on and do something interesting moving away from the routine path.

But recently I was informed about another small movie which has a similar kind of format as followed by Dibaker in LSD. The movie is called “LOOK” and it was only released on DVD in the year 2007. After seeing it, though it seems that Dibaker may have been inspired from a few sequences in the movie, but frankly speaking that doesn’t diminishes the importance of his brave and noticeable attempt made in the history of Indian Cinema. Further the inspirational angle can only be related to the concept of both movies as their story part and content is quite different from each other.
Admittedly LSD, walks on the same outline of LOOK, but still it is more Indian in its plots and treatment. The closest story which can be said to be inspired from the Western flick, is the one in the Departmental store. But here too it’s only the ambience, stage-setting and camera angles which are similar to that of “Look” and Dibaker’s scoop moves more towards a love story and its betrayal.
However, both these movie are a must see for every serious cinema lover as they rise much above the level of only being a routine flick. Whereas LSD scores for its enjoyable content, amusing language and real life stories incorporated brilliantly in its narration, LOOK scores more for its bold, truthful and daring content (It strictly calls for an adult viewing). Interestingly, although Dibaker chose to call his movie with a controversial name, Love Sex Aur Dhokha, still he stayed away from being over bold as was the need of the subject (may be due to the expected censor problems). But LOOK crosses every boundary of modesty in its execution and shows the bare truth captured by the spy cams as it is. And that’s what makes it a must see for all.
In short, LSD may be similar as far as the concept is concerned but it cannot be called an inspired movie completely. Moreover it stands tall due to its realistic content and human expressions canned in the most authentic way on the screen.
Chek out more details for “LOOK” at - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0810951/

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