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MAHARATHI - An unqualified Thriller with unanswered questions and all wrong forensic facts. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)
07 Dec, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

Based on a successful play by Paresh Rawal, “Maharathi” is said to be a thriller but I found it lacking the requisites of a tight thriller or a good murder mystery. The very start of the mystery sequence or murder scene pops up some questions which are enough to make you lose interest in the plot. The main blunder why I am calling it “An Qualified Thriller” is made by the writer who penned it and the director who never questioned it. 
If the writer and director of a murder mystery think that putting a Dead Body in a deep freezer for many days will keep the time and day of the murder A Secret, then it means that they simply have to get their facts rights. It’s the most childish forensic liberty taken ever in a crime movie.
To make it simple, it’s based on a plot where Naseer shoots himself in front of Paresh Rawal and Neha Dhupia and leaves them a challenge to prove his suicide as a murder if they can. Now in the next scene you see that Paresh & Neha both decide to put the dead Naseer in a deep freezer and plan to take him out after some days. And this is all done saying that putting the body in the freezer will never tell the day and time of the murder to anyone. And the whole movie moves around that freezer in which the body lies.
The moment this came on screen I lost all my interest of seeing the talented star-cast together in a mystery movie. The movie has been shot competently but the writing leaves wide cracks open in the mystery. Paresh Rawal as always carries the movie on his shoulders and tries hard to make it convincing. Though all the performances of Naseer, Neha and Boman were enjoyable and the director Shivam Nair also manages to shoot some good sequences. But the viewer cannot be served performances alone. The makers need to think that audiences have some to see a crime drama with twists and turns opening new angles to think.
If a Murder Mystery raises too many questions and there are no answers to those queries in the narration then it doesn’t qualify to be a good thriller. “Maharathi” is the best example to that. For example, Why Nasser kills himself and why not he kills his wife Neha instead to get rid of all troubles? Why he leaves everything inherited to Paresh whom he has met just few days ago? Ironically, there is a life insurance of 25 crores done by Nasser and he is living his life miserably all in debts. If he can manage to pay the premium of this huge sum then why he cannot pay his debts off? Tara Sharma, an architecture student, is kept as a house keeper who never visits the room of his sick employer and just keeps on washing floors. She is shown to be dumb and a night walker too but surprisingly she is sharp enough to help Paresh by giving false statement to the police knowing that he will never get caught.
What is Boman Irani (The Lawyer) contribution to the plot? What was his relationship with Neha? Boman simply seems to be doing silly things in the climax, simply not expected from a well established Criminal Lawyer? Om Puri (completely wasted) enters as a detective and he is so experienced but he doesn’t doubt Paresh and never questions him about background or his entry in the house just few days back. And in the climax he just shoots Boman, just like that as if it was an encounter. Why he doesn’t shoot on his hand as a responsible officer?
Apart from these there are so many questions which I can go on with but there is no use of listing them as they would not get any answers. But I must say that if a die-hard fan of Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie, Felu-Da and Byomkesh Bakshi (like myself) watches this movie then he will not like to say anything but would only love to get back to the masters of mystery cinema as soon as possible and see or read any one of their creations again.
Interestingly the plot of putting the dead body in a box (deep freezer here) is quite similar to that in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope”. You can watch “Maharathi” only if you can ignore the faulty plot and would love to see the performances of the talented actors together.

Rating : 1.5 / 5

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