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MARJAAVAAN - Sum of random scenes & borrowed songs stuck in the 80s, this can easily be retitled as KUCHH BHI. (Review by Bobby Sing)

15 Nov, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

In the recent past, a number of attempts have been made revisiting the ‘80s mainstream Hindi. But its tricky to make those kinds of films as the definition of cinema has completely changed in the past two decades, particularly post the introduction of world wide web and social networking.
Even star-studded attempts didn't click like Sajid Khan’s HIMMATWALA and more, but for some reason writer-director Milap Zaveri dares to try that again and fails miserably in his disastrously poor film that is even hard to bear for two painfully long hours. Though I found the actors doing their assigned job in an earnest way including Sidharth, Tara and Ritesh, but couldn’t get what kind of script or writing the film was made on. Also it was a terrible to see actors such as Nasser and Rakul Preet Singh wasted in such cliched and badly conceived roles.
However, the most absurd thing about MARJAAVAAN is that the makers decide to reveal its major twist in the trailer itself. And then that twist happens just before the intermission with the rest of film having nothing to do except the obvious revenge. Moreover, the story keeps randomly jumping from one scene to another as if it was made with the available footage without having any flow or connection. Wonder what was there in the writer-director’s mind while conceiving this kind of lazy, cliched and boring script/film as well as a strange promotional strategy.
As a matter of fact, I personally found Ritesh's presentation as a dwarf, as some kind of creative desperation, not finding anything else to grab the attention of the viewers. Unfortunately, that also falls flat and the so-called novelty fails to make any kind of considerable impact. 
In all, there is neither anything fresh nor interesting in MARJAAVAAN that can also be rated as one of the poorest projects of the year. The only merit of the film lies in its couple of good songs that surely would have reached many more in a different and better film. However, that merit also gets ruined when we get to hear not one but three badly re-created songs from the past hits and an original track of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan shamefully credited to Nikhil-Vinay in the credits stated in the soundtrack’s official Youtube upload.
So you can dare to watch, only if you have the spirit to tolerate anything presented as a film that can also be literally called KUCHH BHI.
Rating : 0.5 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 just for the couple of good songs and Ritesh’s effort) 

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