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MITHYA - Could be better with such a talented star cast. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

08 Feb, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

If you take a look at the starcast of “Mithya” then you just cant help expecting a worth seeing movie. With names like Nasserudin Shah, Saurabh Shukla, Ranvir Shorey and Vinay Pathak coming together, it was lot more expected from the director Rajat Kapoor. I have read some reviews from reputed persons, praising the movie to great lengths, but I don’t agree with it as I found it just above average and its nothing path breaking or something great novel in the movie apart from its top rate performances.

The story line moves around a struggler actor who by chance has the same face of a Don. Knowing this, he is kidnapped by the rival gang and trained to be planted in place of the Don by killing the original one. Now whats new in that, I couldn’t understand. The only difference this time is that the man is planted by the rival gang and not by the police (as we have seen in DON). Another addition is that the director tries to add some Mithya kind of spirituality in the movie by showing that we cant control what destiny has in store for us. But the film lacks the grip in the second half and also has an unexplained and sudden climax. For some viewers it may be a kind of Artistic touch to the movie but I would like to disagree to that thought completely, as I neither found it entertaining or enlightening.
The best part of the movie is Ranvir Shorey, who is superb in double role. He plays the comic sequences and the serious ones with equal conviction. And the next revelation is Neha Dhupia, who also acts this time impressively. 
The worst thing is that the recently famous and talented “Vinay Pathak” of “Bheja Fry” fame is completely wasted with very few and unimportant scenes. His associate in the movie gets more comic lines than him and Vinay surely deserved a better role. His death scene is the strangest as there is no explanation of what happened to his body even when Neha shoots him in the house of her aunty. Moreover no one even cares about talking about Neha killing Vinay Pathak.
Naseruddin Shah and Saurabh Shukla are fine as always but Harsh Chhaya does an excellent job as the Don’s younger brother. The background music and few songs are just ok. The film is not a comedy as shown in the promos on air, so that is another drawback in the movie.
In all a lot more was expected from this team after their earlier ventures. The film is a multiplex movie with some artistic touches to it, but finding viewers even there, will be a tough task in the coming days.

Ratings : 2.5 / 5

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