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MONEY HAI TO HONEY HAI - Not Hilarious as Projected (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

06 Aug, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

There are numerous comedy films which have been served left & right to us in the past few months and most of them were just trash and disaster at the box office. MHTHH is a little different from them all because the director seems to be in dilemma while making it.

Ganesh Acharya mixes the film and tries to capture two genres, one is Comedy and the other is a Social Drama. Like his earlier venture “Swami”, the director seems to love Social Dramas and therefore tries to incorporate that element too in the movie which otherwise is promoted as a pure comedy. But sadly both the elements fall flat and the final product is not that amusing for the viewers.
A bunch of 6 people are selected randomly to own a huge business empire which is itself under the burden of a big loan. These 6 persons from different backgrounds then try to rebuild the empire with their own efforts and succeed. That’s the storyline which has a feel of Dejavu too. Not exactly but a similar kind of storyline was there in “Maalamal” featuring Naseeruddin Shah which was too an inspired movie itself. Interestingly it had a song “Maal Hai To Taal Hai” which is very close to the tilte “Money Hai To Honey Hai”
The movie starts off as a comedy in first half and turns into a drama in the second half. That is the most unimpressive part of the script. Only Govinda & Archna Puran Singh manage to give some good scenes and rest all are just filling their parts. Reference to well known celebrity Vijay Mallya has been used very cruelly in few sequences.
Musically the songs have some good beat and hip-hop pattern but not all are memorable enough. “Aithe Aa Jaffi Pa” is the best song in the movie with some good singing.
Summing up, its neither a good comedy nor an entertaining social drama. The movie gets confused within the two plots and that’s what makes it unimpressive. It is expected that Ganesh Acharya, with so much experience of Bollywood, must come up with a good product next time.
Ratings : 1.5 / 5

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