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Matrubhoomi (2003) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

28 Jan, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Matrubhoomi - Bobby Talks Cinema.comAn important but a lesser known movie on a burning topic of the country which can easily be rated as one of the boldest ever films made in the Indian Cinema based on a real life truth. It revolves around the brutal and selfish girl child killing or female foeticide which can be strangely seen both in the rural as well as the urban metro cities, causing a huge gap between the boy-girl ratio in the country.

The movie is shockingly inspired from true incidents in the Indian Villages where it is now becoming tough to find a girl for every young boy eligible for marriage. However earlier it was widely accepted as a problem m
ainly prevalent in the less educated people living in the rural areas, who were supposedly killing the unborn girl child (& even the new born), only to have more boys in their families who can be a bread earner for them in the future. But the recent researches have revelaed that with the changing times, this problem has grown more rapidly in the cities among the educated citizens who are well aware of its consequences in the long run.

As per its powerful theme, the impressive movie is also full of many moral shocks you keep on getting with each new development in its storyline. Tulip Joshi is very subtle as the only helpless young girl in the village and all the male characters are convincingly cunning exploiting her taking their turns. A well directed, valuable Indian movie which should be seen by one and all especially by our own Indian Viewers as a must.

Directed By Manish Jha
Starring : Tulip Joshi, Sushant Singh, Sudhir Pandey & More
Music By Salim-Suleman

Tags : Manish Jha, Tulip Joshi, Sushant Singh, Sudhir Pandey, Salim-Suleman, Girl Child Killings, Girl-Boy Ratio, Child Girl Birth in India, Movies To See Before You Die
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