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NO PROBLEM - Movie Review : Do they assume the viewers as fools sitting in the theaters while making such crap. (Review By Bobby Sing)

10 Dec, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

There was only one feeling in my mind and heart, after watching just 30 minutes of NO PROBLEM and the feeling was of burning anger and disgust. Before writing anything else about the movie, I would like to ask few simple questions to the director and his entire team of actors and writers involved in this film which are :  

“Do they have any idea how difficult it is to earn a 100 - 300 rupees for a common man who delightfully spends that amount on films being released every week without even thinking once?” or

“Are they not at all concerned about giving something to enjoy to the person who is spending his hard earned money on their fast made movies, week after week?” or

“Do they assume all the VIEWERS as FOOLS  sitting in the theaters who would enjoy and clap on just anything served to them in the name of comedy?.
The above questions are enough to give you an idea of how low I would like to rate this movie on the whole. In fact NO PROBLEM is unarguably one of the worst movies presented before us in the recent years with such a huge star cast. The film clearly gives us an indication that the genre of Comedy has now further degraded to much lower levels by our film-makers in their lust of making some quick bucks.
Storyline has never been the key feature of an Aneez Bazmee film and he has always copied ideas from the west for almost all of his previous successful films. But with NO PROBLEM, I would seriously like to doubt on his status of being known as a BIG TIME DIRECTOR too. With a project like NO PROBLEM which seems to be made by some school children who know nothing about cinema, it really puts a big question mark on the cinematic understanding of every single person involved in its making.
A total disaster from the word GO, the film has no story development, no characterization and no entertainment value of any sort right till its end. I was very sorry to see the veteran ANIL KAPOOR both as one of the lead actors and also the producer of the film which is sure going to be a big forgettable black chapter of his otherwise illustrious career. Moreover I really never expected this kind of project coming from his own production house.
Where the first half of the movie is bad, the second half even goes beyond the definition of bad. With a Cop laughing due to two bullets left in his stomach and people falling and hitting each other just to make you laugh, it makes you feel like shouting from your seat to have the ticket money back. The last reels of the movie are the most ridiculous ones where in Aneez Bazmee once again uses the getup and characters of SIKHS to raise some laughter, which in my opinion should now readily be considered as offensive. The music and songs are way below the standards with only one peppy song written around Punjab and its people. Though Cinematography is fine capturing all the foreign locations effectively but the background score is too loud and disturbing.
In the acting department, I would not like to comment on anyone at all, because everyone is equally awful in their allotted roles (with a lot of renowned names even going to the extent of hamming). And what a mess they have made of the talented young Baby Saloni, around whom a whole short film can be written. Till now you must have got the idea about how terrible my experience may have been watching NO PROBLEM. And to end it on a more interesting note, I would like to mention that I simply left the theater the moment two Gorrillas came from no-where in a Party Hall to help the heroes. May be I should have left long before that.
Rating : 0.5 / 5 (and that too only for Baby Saloni, who should not get disheartened looking at the final outcome of the project)

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