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SACHIN: A Billion Dreams (Documentary) - A rare biographical narration by the legend himself wherein he thoughtfully talks about his struggles and failures more than the unbelievable triumphs achieved. (Review by Bobby Sing)

26 May, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Documentary

Before the release of this much awaited documentary on the life of Sachin Tendulkar, almost everyone was disappointed watching the poor trailers, once again appearing to be of a film glorifying the image of the most successful Indian sports icon of the last three decades. Films like AZHAR and DHONI were already there made on the obvious (glossy) format hiding many relevant facts and SACHIN almost looked like the same despite being promoted with all real-life clippings.
However post watching it in the theater, I am glad to inform that the master thankfully proves everyone wrong coming up with a film made on a completely different format of a documentary narrated by the man himself in his own words without going into any ‘self-worshipping’ mode gaining much more respect as a person.
Yes, for many SACHIN: A Billion Dreams might not be a highly energetic or exciting journey, not technically conceived in any revealing or informative mode skipping or just mentioning many of those relevant issues related with his persona of a cricketer. Plus many might be disappointed not finding any reasoning for the stories related to Kambli, Azhar, Ganguli, Ferrari and attendance in Parliament sessions too (watching it as some kind of a probe).
But for me, the film is an important biographical account (seen and considered from a different angle), as a truly inspirational story of a blessed but extremely difficult life, the exceptional quality which was completely missing in many of the recent biographical presentations to be honest.  
Explaining it further, this is a rare and unusual kind of self-narrated visual biography (as a docu-drama) wherein the master remains more interested in talking about his struggles and scary failures instead of his much celebrated successes. And that’s certainly not any easy choice to make, revealing a lot about the real humble person behind the gigantic professional identity of a world-icon.
Besides, I personally don’t believe in biographies unnecessarily dealing with mudslinging, mentioning the names of colleagues or team members taking the benefit of the (individual) opportunity given. A biography is supposed to be talking about ONESELF instead of the OTHERS. And in case one hasn’t got anything great to say about any person or association in particular, then all that needs to be mentioned is that “I didn’t get along with him well” and nothing else since the other person is not there to defend himself.
Sachin along his director James Erskine follows the same rule in the film and even while mentioning the foreigner coach, his tough days as a Captain, his relationships with the seniors, the management or the match fixing scam, never blames anyone in particular referring to all as A TEAM, deserving a big appreciation. 
The real-life videos of the family and the dressing room bring in a truly relatable charm into the narration and you just feel like being a part of the proceedings as rightly quoted by Sachin’s father too. In addition, the reference of his coaching days, Sir Don Bradman endorsing his style of playing, his lovable on-and-off ground relationship with Shane Warne (the only bowler he prepared for), his act or repairing the bats of fellow players, the one terrific shot of Azaharuddin looking while Sachin is signing the autographs, his way of unwinding with all close friends, repeated listening to a particular Bappi Lahiri song, his only wish to hold the World Cup in his hands and A.R. Rahman’s catchy patriotic track “Hind is Jind” keep you glued to the screen for more than two hours, reliving the glorious past when India was Sachin and Sachin was India both for the nation and the opponents on the field together. 
Having said that, here is why I personally consider SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS miles ahead than all the recent similar projects and a must watch biographical account of a world-icon that ideally needs to be shown in every school to the students in the age group of 7-17. 
1. It’s an unusually humble narration from the master-blaster himself stressing more upon his early struggles and disappointments over the big losses in the later part of his career, that even led to many agitations and humiliation all over the media that might be a big eye-opener for the youngsters born in the new millennium.
2. Other than learning the art or skill required in a particular sport or stream, the film introduces you to another essential art of how to deal with extreme pressures and failures in life, especially when they come post acquiring a reputed status in the field. The art of dealing with DEPRESSION that can even knock in the life of an extra-ordinarily successful SACHIN TENDULKAR forcing him to never step out of his house for a whole week. 
A must learn lesson for the youngsters mostly influenced by only the glamour side of the story ignoring its darker shades.
3. As a film, it makes you accept and value the importance of family in life, knowing the loving relationship between Sachin, his father and his elder brother (Ajit), who actually insisted and guided him throughout the illustrious career. A feature that is fast vanishing from the present new-age lives lost in the virtual worlds.
4. A rare biographical account that pays its utmost respect to the role and contribution of Anjali Tendulkar (Sachin’ wife), in the successful career of our ‘Bharat Ratan’. The thoughtful sacrifice she does of her own career in medicine for Sachin and the kids (growing up in absence of their father) gives you a fresh insight in the institution of marriage, which is literally crumbling down in the present new-age society (a reference largely missing in most of the recent bio-pics).
5. The film scores the most in the sequences where Sachin and Anjali share truly realistic views on their son Arjun’s (obvious) career in cricket and how he will have to make it or face it on his own without any recommendation of his influential father. 
Another important lesson for the aspiring teenagers heavily relying on their father-figures!
6. It further raises the bar speaking about the pressures and humiliations celebrity’s kids have to face in their schools, particularly when their father is being condemned all over the media for his and the entire team’s poor performance on the field.  
7. A few sequences of Sachin talking in his mother-language Marathi, reminds us of our roots, traditions and family values, widely not being considered important in the present social structure.
8. Through this self-narrated documentary, Sachin gives a very insightful message to both his senior Azharuddin and junior M.S. Dhoni that a biographical account should not be only focusing on the triumphs & achievements alone hiding the undisclosed dark times painting a forced glossy picture of a successful career.
In other words, The REAL LEGENDS actually talk about their limitations and failures more than the success achieved, rightly guiding the youngsters giving them the real picture.
9. But above all, the most significant merit, for which I would like to include SACHIN - A BILLION DREAMS in BTC’s Movies To See Before You Die list, can be found in the film’s final moments, when Sachin talks about how he looks back to the entire innings played till date with no regret or complains but just the feeling of a deep THANK YOU to the Almighty and the so kind existence.
In fact that’s the only way one can express his gratitude towards the supreme power for granting such a gifted and blessed life and for being the chosen one. 
A humble heartfelt THANK YOU and nothing else!
SACHIN makes us realize this important truth signing off from the screen and you walk out of the theater feeling the same with twinkling tears in the eyes and a lump in the throat.
To end on an inspiring note, do get over your reluctance of watching a documentary in the theater, as this needs to be seen at the earliest and that too taking the kids in the family along making them witness the reality.
Rating : 4 / 5
(Ignoring the shortcomings, it enters the Movies To See Before You Die list at BTC for the above mentioned reasons)
Note : 
The film strongly draws your attention towards the mystery called AJIT TENDULAR, who virtually played every inning along Sachin in the master’s own words. Would love to read and probably see more about him soon as the man behind the screen, not visible to all.

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