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SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN - Focusing more on the family and their reactions instead of the couple, it remains fairly entertaining despite many forced & weird insertions. (Review by Bobby Sing)

21 Feb, 2020 | Movie Reviews / 2020 Releases

The latest offering from the star enjoying a dream run at the box office has a continuing title SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN which is a formulaic, bold, clever, flawed and entertaining venture, all at the same time. An explanation of these features will give you a clear idea about the film as its review. 

The movie is formulaic as it follows the same old, overused but still potential (as well as working) format of Ayushmann Khurana movies, wherein he has to confront a novel and unusual problem (rarely exploited in any previous film) that is both personal and related to his family members and friends. The narrative is strictly kept humorous as a comedy revolving around a small-town middle-class family, just scratching the surface of the issue without exploring it deeply in any thoughtful manner.   
At the same time, SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN is bold and brave as it happens to be the second mainstream Hindi movie with a A-list star, talking about the same-sex marriage and that too in a lighter yet responsible way without going into any preaching or with an aim of becoming a flag-bearer. The film has been shot with dignity and its dialogues only marginally go into the zone of double meaning written with care. 
However, what actually works in favour of the film is the way the writer-director Hitesh Kewalya doesn’t go for any stereotyping of his gay characters, never presents them in any usual comic manner (as seen in the infamous Karan Johar films) and above all intentionally never makes them the focus of comedy following a highly appreciable as well as intelligent vision. Instead of the couple, he brings in all the smiles and laughter through the family members and their individual funny reactions, which instantly clicks with the viewers at regular intervals. In other words, the narration rarely talks about homosexuality or the couple, but remains more focused on homophobia portrayed through the family members which successfully entertains giving you a fairly good time.
On the other hand, as Ayushmann last two ventures, SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN is also not any great or exceptionally conceived film in comparison with his outstanding VICKY DONOR. Just as DREAMGIRL and BALA, it has been smartly made finding yet another unconventional subject for an Ayushmann Khurana film comprising many entertaining sequences along with the flaws and quite a few forced or weird insertions.
The humour is right there but its uneven and many a times feels like overdone like the reference of a scientist and his Kaali Gobhi, the re-birth ritual as a metaphor and above all the marriage of an over-aged girl in the family. To be honest, it was really strange to see the way family treats their daughter (in the name of comedy), marrying her to an old man and many not even caring when she goes missing post the broken marriage. Such instances trying too hard become tiring in the second half of the film that also ends quite predictably with reference to the cult scene of DILWALE DULHANIYA LE JAYENGE.
In the performances, probably this is the first Ayushmann Khurana film in which he turns out to be the least impressive among the cast with the family members taking the limelight leading from the front. The now-famous couple of BADHAAI HO fame, Gajraj Rao and Neena Gupta once again does the trick, though they remain underutilised becoming victim of many forced sequences. The couple gets terrific support from Manu Rishi and Sunita Rajwar along with Maanvi Gagroo (who certainly deserved a much better role) apart from the others in the supporting cast.
Interestingly, the best of them all remains Jitendra Kumar, because of his grounded, authentic act without any over the top dramatics or exaggerated expressions. And in case you are not familiar with this talent house then do watch his works in web-series format especially in KOTA FACTORY that earned him the name of Jeetu Bhaiya.
In all SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAVDHAAN does have its shortcomings mentioned above besides a familiar backdrop, repetitive visuals, a loud background score and routine soundtrack. But the film still decently scores as thankfully it neither presents the subject of homosexuality in any dark form nor portrays it typically as seen in many other films with a kind of guilt. Yet it is a comedy which has always been associated with such characters which might offend a few, if not many.
Having said that, SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN surely deserves an applause as the courageous attempt not only features one of the top most icons of the present times but has also been made post the debacle of last year’s EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA.
So do go for it but without expecting a completely out of the box or exceptional film from the team.
Rating: 3 / 5

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