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SIKH lead characters all over Hindi Cinema like never before. (Extended Article by Bobby Sing)
29 Jul, 2017 | Articles on Cinema

The detailed article “One Friday - Three Hindi Films – And they all have key Sikh characters in their narrative” by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.


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Shared below are views – In addition to the original article.
Punjabi music and Sikh characters have been a part of Hindi Cinema right from its early decades enjoying generous screen time, for instance a complete song included in Raj Kapoor’s JAAGTE RAHO (in 1956) as “Tey Ki Main Jhooth Boleya” picturised on a group of Sikhs singing and dancing together. 
The involvement could regularly be seen in the later decades too in many major projects featuring the big stars. But it actually increased to many folds, post the mid-90s with the foreign market or territories being explored and contributing a lot in a film’s overall box-office performance. 
However, it was just recently that I realized that Sikh characters in the lead were right there in all the major releases in Hindi Cinema in few consecutive weeks.
In the first week of July there was GUEST IIN LONDON having a strong Punjabi feel in its entire concept and execution. Later Satinder Sartaj a reputed name in Punjabi music and literature made his debut straight away in a Hollywood production THE BLACK PRINCE released in English, Hindi and Punjabi. And the last week of July came three films MUBARAKAN, RAAG DESH and INDU SARKAR, all having key Sikh characters in their narration (as stated in the detailed article shared in the link given above).
But that is not all, as next week we have Imtiaz Ali’s JAB HARRY MET SEJAL, again having a strong influence of Punjab and Shah Rukh Khan wearing the turban too, coming from an acclaimed director who has a Punjabi based song in his each and every film released till date. Plus in the coming weeks we have Amole Gupte releasing his unusually exciting project introducing the youngest spy superhero played by a Sikh boy. It’s a film where the boy accidently gets an extraordinary power of sniffing criminals. 
So no doubt, SIKH lead characters are all over Hindi Cinema at the present, like never before.

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