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Sanshodhan (1996) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

12 Oct, 2007 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

In all possibilities, more than ninety percent of the readers might not have even heard about this film, exactly like many of those NFDC produced movies that never got officially released in the theaters. However the case of SANSHODHAN needs to be dealt with a difference, as it has the reputed name of UNICEF as its co-producer and Govind Nihalani as its co-writer, editor, cinematographer and director, giving a relevant message to our male dominated society denying the much needed change since ages.

Further adding to the amazement, it’s really strange that where ‘Women Empowerment’, ‘Participation of Women in Administration’ and giving them the much deserving ‘Equal status in the society’ remains a major issue widely discussed in the present digital age, this strong thought provoking film made on the same subject remains a forgotten or rather lesser known gem, rarely mentioned or written about even in the social network forums debating about the related issues.
Directed by the master craftsman Govind Nihalani in his own unique style of narration revolving around a remote village, SANSHODHAN (The Amendment) talks about the rural life and people living in their own detached world desperately in need of all the promised reforms by the government. However, despite being based on such off-beat subject, it still never turns into any slow moving, artistic film one might assume it to be. On the contrary, it progresses at a fine pace and can easily be rated as a well scripted and well enacted film. But only if you are very much interested in the subject matter and the vision of spreading awareness among the people about various steps taken by the authorities for the women empowerment in particular.

To give you a better idea, one of the film’s poster says,
“While the parliament debates on a larger share of political power to women, SANSHODHAN tells you about the ground realities”.

The story focuses on the ‘latest amendment’ introduced by the government that reserves one third seats in every Village Panchayat for females (including the schedules caste and tribes) and the script progression reveals the issues in its ground applicability faced by the women boldly standing for their own rights. The theme incorporating many related issues has some splendid performances by the entire cast led by Vanya Joshi & Manoj Bajpai getting a worth mentioning apt support from the music composed by Vishal Bhardwaj (in the early phase of his career in the mid-90s). The film does have the drawback of going into over length that could have been avoided to make it more hard-hitting and impactful. But on the whole, it does make you think and successfully delivers the message about the actual reality not known or willfully accepted by many.
Relating it with the metro cities, if you do keep a note of the political activities in your local region then you must be knowing that often the influential male leaders bring forward their wives as the electoral candidates to retain the seats (reserved for women), instead of allowing any other local woman candidate to contest for the same. SANSHODHAN exactly talks about his particular strategy and thus becomes a must watch, eye-opener for all interested in local politics and its power games played behind the curtain. Moreover it even becomes an essential watch for the young, as they are no longer making such authentic, realistic films revolving around the actual rural India and its helpless people.
Directed By Govind Nihalani
Starring : Vanya Joshi, Manoj Vajpai, Ashutosh Rana & more.
Music By Vishal Bhardwaj

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