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TERE BIN LADEN : DEAD OR ALIVE - An interesting but not so funny plot & execution that works only in parts with an appreciable surprising act coming from Sikander Kher. (Review By Bobby Sing)

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In commercial terms, a sequel of a big surprise hit known for its novel, entertaining concept exploiting the infamous Osama Bin Laden looks like a pretty safe bet. But in terms of huge expectations to be fulfilled offering an equally good or a better time in the theatres, it’s an extremely difficult target to achieve for a sequel and TERE BIN LADEN: DEAD OR ALIVE isn’t any exception to the accepted fact unfortunately.
In few words, this time director Abhishek Sharma fails to deliver an equally engaging and hilarious film despite having an interestingly written plot roping in the original hit, its making, the success story and the consequences of its over-famous status all over the world (due to the exactly similar looking Osama) surprising the various terrorist groups as well as the American government.
However it’s the screenplay that is unable to materialize on the potential plot and all we get to see are some occasional witty scenes mainly in its first half like the wickedly unusual Olympic organized by the terrorists, the star-attitude in eyes portrayed by Manish-Pradhuman and the introduction sequence of the American president along with Sikander Kher as his intelligence officer looking for the body double of Osama. Giving the due credits, the entire cast keeps trying hard to come up with something good constantly but the low humour quotient in the writing & dialogues, doesn’t allow them to tickle our funny bones as desired. In fact the clichéd beginning with a supposedly comic sequence (again) based in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk forced me to think that why suddenly these narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk have been an essential part of many Hindi Comedy films in the recent past?
No doubt the film keeps progressing fast due to its crisp editing but with a strictly below average soundtrack (except the catchy rap number), routine camerawork, not so noticeable background score and a tacky VFX, it simply turns out to be a half-baked product shattering all expectations raised from the sequel. Moreover at times it also strongly reminds you of a hit Hollywood comedy TROPIC THUNDER (2008) revolving around a related theme.
In the performance department it’s really ironical to see Ali Zafar, the man who won hearts in the original, becoming the most annoying factor in the sequel, more interested in singing songs and showing his six packs instead of any acting skills. The otherwise highly talented Manish Paul also fails to make you laugh due to the uneven writing and same is the case with Pradhuman Singh, who was honestly too good in the original. Among the other wasted actors, Piyush Mishra and his partially enjoyable sequences remind you of another similar dud BANGISTAAN, whereas the actor playing the cameo of President Obama could have been utilized much better. In all, only one man makes his presence felt in the entire film and he is Sikander Kher as the surprise package playing the twin roles of an American Intelligence Officer and an Indian Film Producer with an appreciable ease. As a matter of fact, though his make-up and American accent seems to be over the top at times, yet Sikander remains the only person you enjoy watching TERE BIN LADEN : DEAD OR ALIVE to be precise.
Overall, where many might not feel thoroughly entertained sitting in the theater post buying a costly multiplex ticket, many might consider it entertaining enough while watching on a TV channel in the coming months without making any extra effort or expenditure. So do wait for the same and catch it later especially for Sikander Kher.
Rating : 2.5 / 5 (including the additional 1 only for Sikander’s spirited act becoming the big saviour.)

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