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THE FINAL CALL (Web-Series/Zee5) - A well-conceived and enacted web-series with a novel, engaging plot that successfully keeps you engaged and involved. (Review by Bobby Sing)

27 Feb, 2019 | Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / T / ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES

The one important aspect to be understood related to the new world of no-limit, uncensored web-series is that this is an opportunity to move beyond the usual, exploring new avenues, plots and stories reaching out to the viewers who are more than eager to watch something fresh and novel tried making the best use of the opportunity given. And now when the resources are being provided, the platform is being given and the known stars are also willing to be a part of the new-age movement then it would be really silly, if the makers go on beating around the bush, repeatedly making web-series on the same old plots and subjects.
Thankfully and skillfully the new series at Zee5 titled THE FINAL CALL doesn’t act foolish and gives us something new to watch which is both decently conceived and enacted based on a subject we haven’t seen before.
Revolving around a flight journey with a pilot having suicidal tendencies putting the life of hundreds of his passengers at risk, this focuses on Arjun Rampal as the pilot who is also a former air force officer, Sakshi Tanwar as a tough, sharp mediating officer, Javed Jaffery as an energetic business tycoon, Neeraj Kabi as an known astrologer, Vipin Sharma as an officer interfering in Sakshi’s negotiations and other talented actors in its supporting cast, who together put up a fine show transporting you into their own world of tension and uncertainties (in the first four episodes in particular).
Based on the book/novel I WILL GO WITH YOU by Priya Kumar and directed by Vijay Lalwani (of KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK/2010 fame), the series comes up with some good work to be noted in its dialogues, editing and background score too other than the noteworthy direction and performances. However as downers, you find not upto the mark VFX, overuse of flashbacks and the mention of astrology taking a lot as cinematic liberty predicting with such precision.

Besides the series gives you an entirely different, energetic experience in the first four episodes which somehow goes missing in the next four and you dont feel that excited or engrossed while watching its concluding episodes.
But overall, THE FINAL CALL still largely works giving you something novel to watch as a fresh, thrilling storyline dealing with depression, death, spirituality and our continuous struggle in life fighting with the uncertain situations simply beyond our control.
So do watch it as it will not disappoint you for the time given and you will get something new to enjoy moving ahead of the ‘typically’ routine comedy, glamour, romance, sex and crime.
Rating : 3 / 5 (including special points for the choice of subject and praiseworthy performances of the well-known reputed cast)

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