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The Bothersome Man / Den Brysomme Mannen (2006 - Norway) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Comedy-Drama)

17 Feb, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

Many a times, our mind as well as our heart tend to think weirdly, assuming some superficial situations of life which seem to be inviting enough in thoughts but can become extremely poisonous & impossible to live in reality. So stepping into this fantasy world, just imagine a life where there is no competition, jealousy, hatred or rivalry and no feeling of love too felt for the other person in your emotion less heart. The days are pretty cool with no problems of any sort, money is coming in fine, all materialistic possessions are great, nobody fights or uses any foul language and you have nothing to complain at all to anybody around.
Now what kind of life would that be? A dream come true or nothing else than just HELL?
Yes, undoubtedly that would be an ugly hell to live in, where in nobody even thinks about any of their fellow beings with some kind of emotional bonding and everyone is just living in his own inner world with neither love nor hatred felt for the other.
THE BOTHERSOME MAN takes you into such fantasy world only through its lead character Andreas, who one fine day finds himself in a strange new city (without remembering how he got there) and then is presented a very easy life with a decent job, a nice apartment and also a wife. But things seem to be all wrong and shallow around him, when he finds no one feeling anything for the other, acting just like mechanical lifeless robots without any personal feelings. The cool & calm world soon starts disturbing him and he begins searching the way out, through a crack in a suspicious wall with music streaming out of it mysteriously. Now the plot might seem to be totally mad to many, but it actually remains a bright, intelligent trick which eventually makes you realize the importance and sanity in all the existing madness around in our real world. In fact after watching it, you would be able to see a new kind of meaning in all your prevailing problems, taking away that teasing frustration, pain and discomfort like magic.
An intelligent & sarcastic black comedy, it’s a completely whacky kind of film with an unusual but amusing theme, which forces you to think and that too in the most innovative manner like never before. Perfectly presented with a brilliant cast, thoughtful art direction, eye catching cinematography and an out of this world (in literal sense) kind of ambience, the film is a rare kind of experience or a highly enlightening kind of joy ride, simply not to be missed.
Moreover as its ends, one is able to explore the real hidden beauty of its unique concept, when it ultimately puts up a question that, What exactly is bothersome? A life, wherein you have many problems to tackle or live with Or A life, where you don’t have any problem at all and one is simply living the days without any hassles or emotional baggage? 
A well thought of, ironic masterpiece from Norway, THE BOTHERSOME MAN is a beautiful piece of art which stays with you for long as an unforgettable film made on a novel as well as enlightening idea. The movie redefines the meaning of every living and non-living thing existing around you insightfully and transports you into a fascinating fantasy world, only to return back much more refreshed and open minded. A highly original and well-made film, its especially recommended for the friends who believe that ‘Artistic Expressions’ have a lot in them to learn from and then applied in our daily lives too in order to become a better person.
Directed by Jens Lien
Written By Per Schreiner
Starring : Trond Fausa, Petronella Barker, Per Schaanning and more.

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