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The Great Escape (1963) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)

13 Apr, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers

There is one specific sub-genre in ‘Thriller’ category which is popularly referred to as ‘Prison-Breaking-Movies” among film buffs and THE GREAT ESCAPE can easily be rated as one of the top contenders of ‘The Best Prison Break Movie’ till date without any doubt. Enjoying the cult status of an ‘All Time Classic’,  it is certainly an enjoyable piece of art well supported by a superb background score, fabulous cinematography, realistic art direction and many majestic performances by a highly reputed cast ensemble.
Bringing to screen the real life events of an escape-proof POW (Prisoners of War) camp built by Germans in 1942, the film revolves around the attempt of not one or two but a whole big group of prisoners to make a breakthrough for their ultimate freedom. Already having a history of making multiple prison-break attempts in the past by its key members, the group collectively plans the escape by digging more than one long tunnel and also manages to arrange forged official documents & normal clothes within the jail only by their own influence. Building the excitement with some great memorable moments, its well written script gives you a real good time even when it is about three hours long but never becomes dull incorporating any forced sub-plots unnecessarily. However its quite possible that many youngsters still find it quite calm and slow as per the new-age standards of filmmaking.
Directed by John Sturges the film has been adapted from the book by Paul Brickhill, who had a personal experience of being one of the prisoners of the famous POW camp. The screen writers rope in various elements of tension, friendship, humor and heroism into their various characters heading towards an unpredictable tragedy and the progression truly remains engaging right till the end. Featuring many known names of the western cinema, it has some excellent supporting performances too enhancing the overall impact in an admirable manner and one keeps remembering many of those little precious moments in the film post watching its great climax.
So if you do want to witness an exciting as well as gripping prison break movie based on real life events, well performed by an intelligently chosen cast, then do watch THE GREAT ESCAPE as a must and have a great time with all the veterans.
Directed By John Sturges
Written By Paul Brickhill (Book), James Clavell & W. R. Burnett (Screenplay).
Starring : Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson and more.

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