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The Green Mile (1999) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)
29 May, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Very few movies are made on the topic of the most prominent truth of our lives, the DEATH. Very seldom directors select this theme for their movies and there are not many writers interested in writing scripts around this topic. But here is a movie, which I consider as the BEST I have seen till date, based on the only truth of our lives……..our Death. The movie which kept teasing me till months after I first viewed it. And I still put it on, at times to see it again and learn more from its brilliant and highly inspiring narration.

It is sure going to be of those few movies which can have the strongest impact on your lives and your thinking styles. A film capable of changing attitudes towards life. A film about crimes which were not committed, miracles which were not believed and relationships which were not planned. A film which comes once in a time after many years and you just find yourself speechless as the end credits role.
I would not like to reveal the plot of the movie here as that would take away the experience you may have watching it with no info on its plot. The movie is more than 3 hours of duration and words are not enough to explain the positive and powerful impact it generates in these 3 hours and few minutes. In simple words I rate it as one of the 10 best movies I have seen till this time of my life. Death, the only known truth of our life, is explained in the most impressive manner ever and you will be compelled to think about your own death, as you see others dying in the movie just like that. That’s really is a great achievement by the filmmaker in my opinion.
So, take an off from your work, get this movie from anywhere and watch it, this very moment, to make your life better in the remaining days. Just do it NOW.
Directed By Frank Darabont
Starring : Tom Hanks, David Morse, Michael Clarke Duncan & More

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