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The pure loving festival of RAKSHA-BANDHAN and its vanishing act in Our Indian Cinema.

03 Aug, 2012 | Articles on Cinema

Rakshan-Bandhan - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

CINEMA has always been considered as an honest mirror of the society or its people living in different parts of the world. And there was a time when our Indian scripts were deeply related with the basic roots of our traditional social culture and its festivals.

But the fast changing living styles have drastically sucked that basic element out of Our Hindi Cinema and we are now more or less operating on an artificial respiratory system as it seems. The visual, musical and lyrical representation of our family values and its warm relationships has simply vanished from our film scripts and we have readily sacrificed all that GOLD in the blind race of commercialization moving towards a phony society.

As this adorable festival of brothers and sisters arrives in 2012, I sadly realize the current absence of any scenes, songs or even mention of RAKSHA-BANDHAN in today's films which clearly reveals the reason behind all those embarrassing incidents which we get to read every morning about how we are treating our female partners in the country.......!

The non-existence of such festivals in our films has certainly got to do something with this changing state of our Indian society which is no doubt progressive but also shameful, proved by each new incident of indecency towards any innocent or helpless woman.  

Hence, here through this honest write-up, I would personally like to remind all my young friends that gone are the years (probably 3 decades before) when there used to be songs, sequences and even whole films made around this loving relationship between a brother and sister.

Our Cinema has eventually lost the feeling or depth which could say,

"Behna Ne Bhai Ki Kalaai Se Pyaar Baandha Hai,
Resham Ki Dori Se Sansaar Baandha Hai"
(Resham Ki Dor, Lyrics-Shailendra)

In fact, the current expression in our 21st century movies have lost the spirit of witnessing such emotions where the poet could write,

"Shaayad Woh Saawan Bhi Aaye, Jo Pehla Sa Rang Na Laaye,
Behen Paraye Des Basi Ho, Agar Wo Tum Tak Pahunch Na Paaye,
Yaad Ka Deepak Jalana, Jalana…….!

Bhaiya Mere Rakhi Ke Bandhan Ko Nibhana,
Bhaiya Mere Chhoti Behen Ko Na Bhulana........Bhaiya Mere" 
(Chhoti Behen, Lyrics - Shailendra)

However.....LIFE moves on......may be on the surface only.....and we continue to live it as per our own choices with the changing times....in absence of all those values which used to be the backbone of a happy contended life without any new-age hassles or problems.

But still there is hope........hope which always remains with us unconditionally........!


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