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U-Turn (2016/Kannada) - Keeps you guessing with its superfine and novel mix of suspense, thrill and horror. (Review By Bobby Sing)

03 Oct, 2017 | Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi) / Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

You must have seen concrete blocks kept as dividers on the road close to a busy flyover to avoid sudden turn taken by vehicles leading to fatal accidents. Many a times motorists move one or two blocks making their way for a U-turn and then drive away without keeping them back in line resulting in deadly accidents later at night. That happens quite often and people commit this mistake in order to save their time avoiding the traffic or a very long turn. 
But can this realistic premise be the subject of a gripping, suspense filled thriller with an unexpected angle of supernatural too?
Yes it can and that’s exactly what U-TURN does using the plot in an exceptional, unimaginable manner becoming the biggest USP of the film having an outstanding first hour tickling your grey cells. It revolves around an intern journalist working on an article on the incidents/accidents, suicides or murders happening around a Bangalore flyover. And that is all what I should reveal about the plot keeping the mystery intact.
Written, produced and directed by Pawan Kumar (of LUCIA fame), the film’s final 30 minutes do turn out be a little underwhelming and predictable. But it’s a complete winner before that with a fabulous build-up, which keeps you glued to the seat and traps you really well. The pace never lets you think for anything else for even a second and both the background score and editing brilliantly support the narrative offering many intriguing as well as scary moments too. 
Basically a heroine-centric film, it stars Sharddha Srinath in the lead along with Roger Narayan, Dilip Raj and Radhika Chetan playing the important supporting roles. As per the innovative writer-director, he thought of the script idea on the road itself looking at the mad traffic. And it has to be true since you cannot get such unthinkable ideas based on reality, sitting in the comfortable AC rooms for sure.
In short, the film has its shortcomings but still remains a must watch for all lovers of suspense/mystery thrillers and horror movies in particular, introducing you to a fabulous idea. And believe me, after watching it you would surely think twice before taking an illegal u-turn on the road in order to save your time.
Ratings : 4 / 5 (with an additional 0.5 just for the realistically innovative idea never used before) 

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