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WILL YOU MARRY ME - Movie Review : Few fine scattered ideas gone wrong. (Review By Bobby Sing)

06 Mar, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

In the recent years we have seen few films made under the newly found genre in India known as Teen Movies which basically revolve around some school or college characters who just like to think about their love life, sex, parties & career too, along with finding new ways to enjoy their youth to the maximum. And WILL YOU MARRY is just another below average movie made under the same head which doesn’t have a solid script to bank upon.

Though it starts off pretty well with a college farewell sequence (which was intelligently used for its promos), followed by a good idea wherein a group of friends sign a heavy investment deal which will go to the one who will remain unmarried among them all. But post this few initial minutes it sets off to a completely different path which has many below par sequences disappointing the viewers like the boys dancing in a Superman dress in the Gay Party & the way one of them proposes his girl. The humor seems to be all forced upon and the romantic pairing doesn’t look like romantic at all. So before the intermission it’s just a jumble of unentertaining scenes put together in the name of a Young Film and nothing else.
In the second half the chaos even gets heavier as now we have lots of sub-plots running within the script all of a sudden. For instance we have a grand wedding being held in Dubai where two boys are chasing the same girl and the triangle nicely makes way to a sacrifice angle in the end, there is a strange businessman Don chasing the boys for his lost money. But wait, we have 20-20 Cricket betting too leading to a usual climax wherein a third girl also enters the family since all the boys have to be given their respective girls obviously.
Among the actors, only Shreyas Talpade gives you something to cheer in the whole film with the rest simply being there as his good supporting cast. Rajeev Khandelwal performs well but he doesn’t look like of the same age as his fellow friends. Muzammil is ok along with Tripta Prashar. Mugdha Godse plays the glamour doll as required and so does Celina Jaitly in her few minutes cameo towards the climax. Paresh Rawal entertains in his few scenes but what kind of Don he is, remains confusing. However Manoj Joshi shouts less this time and is fine.
A youthful film’s must have ingredient is a good catchy soundtrack which can keep the spirit up in its 2 hour duration. But despite of having multiple music directors, WYMM has a very below average soundtrack which works as a big downer for the project. Director Aditya V. Datt no doubt has got the talent visible in some well directed scenes like the Shreyas Talpade sequence in the bathroom and the way he cleverly wraps up all in the end though the unintentional fire & cricket. But his choice of subject and script remains the real culprit here. However it still could have gone well if he had stayed on with the plot of that BACHELOR’s BET throughout the film as it had the potential of getting converted into a good comedy. But for now, WYMM is just a below average attempt with few fine scattered ideas gone wrong.
Ratings : 1.5 / 2

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