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We cannot afford to lose a gifted artist like Kapil Sharma - Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing

13 Apr, 2018 | Articles on Cinema

His new show ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’ has been reportedly taken off air, but the channel still supports him and he will soon bounce back with the show - is what Kapil has to convey in his latest interviews/reports.

Struggling through the initial days of his career performing in various musical shows and then reaching the heights of success through his small screen entertainment programs, the name Kapil Sharma is now known to people of every age group without an exception. The man is a new age phenomenon, hugely famous within India as well as in Indians living abroad and the neighboring countries too with an unprecedented fan following that can only be compared to Umer Sharif of Pakistan (if one must).

Having said that, the last couple of years have certainly been tough for Sharma, both as an artist and as a person facing a lot of criticism, losing a big number of fans due to his continuing controversies and the unexpected personal brawls. However apart from these widely known issues, the one point he faced the biggest criticism for, was making fun of people attending his shows as spectators and using them as funny props bringing in a forced kind of humour, laughing at their unusual passions, dance styles or mannerisms (on purpose). Commenting on the physical appearances of the studio-audience was another major drawback of his comedy of the recent times, which was not there in his earlier TV shows, purely based on writing and an impeccable comic timing.
Interestingly, there were hardly any people disliking or criticizing his comic presentation in the years of Sony’s Comedy Circus and those episodes are repeatedly watched online by his millions of fans even today, as a sure source of entertainment with a great repeat value.
In fact that’s exactly where Kapil needs to go back, re-designing his entertainment show as a package of one or two short well-written skits featuring everyone from his talented team in different roles, without making fun of the audience or promoting the upcoming films as a boring commercial routine pleasing the film industry.
For instance, his hilarious take on Kaun Banega Crorepati works, the Citi Cable setting with two sides competing with each other successfully generates humor and his witty character of Uncle Rajesh Arora is a runaway hit in the viewers and they simply love watching him in that particular getup.
Sharing an idea, many hilarious skits can be written keeping the particular character in focus like Rajesh Arora goes to a multiplex, Uncle Arora visits a disco, Rajesh Arora travels in Metro, Chacha Ji in Sulabh Shauchalaya and more. Similarly, episodes can be there focusing on the other well-received characters of the show too played by Kiku Sharda, Chandan Prabhakar and if possible bringing back Ali Asgar, Suresh Menon, Sugandha Sharma and of course the one and only Sunil Grover.
In simple words, Kapil needs to go back to well written content as he used to do in the times of Comedy Circus, since only content can bring him back and not the celebrity visitors on the sets promoting their new films. Moreover if copyright becomes an issue then the team can surely invent some different entertaining characters too as new fresh insertions maintaining the quality.
In short, we know he is still capable of delivering a hit show and has still got in him as a blessed talented entertainer fighting with his own self.
Hope he wins over the bout soon and returns back with a bang, rediscovering the incomparable performer in himself for the sake of his loyal fans....... because as viewers, we just cannot afford to lose an exceptionally gifted artist like Kapil Sharma.
(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in April 2018)

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