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Why everybody is missing out \"Sukhwinder\" from the OSCAR winning celebrations?

28 Feb, 2009 | Articles on Cinema

After the Golden Globe, our dear Rahman has made us proud again by winning not one but two Oscars together this year. Everybody from the young & old is celebrating this historic event with pride and joy. The channels are busy showing the reception of the winners back at home. And the Fans are eager to congratulate the history makers on their websites and blogs.

But I was sad and surprised to see that the main lead singer of the award winning song “Jai Ho” was missing from the celebrations all over the country. Sukhwinder, the owner of that powerful voice which impressed the OSCAR Jury, was not there in any news channel or newspaper coverage of the event. The lyrics writer of the song “Gulzar” even requested the media persons, not to forget the singer, but still no one was really interested to put the limelight on Sukhwinder and his contribution to the song. On the other hand a few channels were keen on getting some more TRP by finding any controversy in the matter.
Sukhwinder in his interview very calmly and intelligently wiped of all the doubts and declared that it was not anybody’s fault as he was not able to get the VISA in time. But in the same breath he also said that he was sad to miss the opportunity of singing at the OSCARs and if somebody from the producers had tried harder then he may have got the required documents to reach there.
I was unable to understand the reasons, why the lead singer of a song nominated for OSCARS, was denied his VISA. And I also strongly believe that Rahman too must have felt sad, not to have his friend, Sukhwinder by his side while performing in front of all the Hollywood stars.
Another person who was not there in the Slumdog Millionaire group at the OSCARS was Gulzar, the third stalwart behind the award winning song. His absence also was not given much mileage by the media here. May be Gulzar, himself chose to have a backseat and enjoy the celebrations at home.
Whatever may be the reason of their absence and whoever was responsible for this mis-happening, the main point is that the world missed seeing all of them together on the stage receiving the award.
Sukhwinder with his sky-ranging voice would have shaken the Kodak Theater and Hollywood in just 5 minutes of his time. It was purely the loss of Hollywood to miss out a performance of a true singer.
Personally I was waiting to see Gulzar in white Kurta-Pajama and Rahman-Sukhwinder in an elegant Sherwani holding the Golden Lady together. Anyway…May be next time….!

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