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JUDWAA 2 - Interesting facts about the film being a trendy remake of a remake of a remake. (An overview by Bobby Sing)
04 Oct, 2017 | ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / J

Though cleverly titled as JUDWAA 2, the film is actually not any sequel to David-Salman-Karishma’s 1997 hit JUDWAA, but a fresh reboot/remake of the same, honestly confessed by the director David Dhawan in his interviews before the release. However the hidden fact remains that this is one of those rare cases where a film is remade taking its major content from a two decades old Hindi film which was itself a remake of a Telugu hit. But that’s also not all, as the Telugu film too was entirely inspired and adapted from a hit Jackie Chan movie.
In short, where Varun Dhawan’s JUDWAA 2 (2017) is an official remake of Salman Khan’s JUDWAA (1997) made by the same director, JUDWAA (1997) was an official remake of Telugu film featuring Nagarjuna in the lead titled HELLO BROTHER (1994).
And HELLO BROTHER was an unofficial remake/adaptation of SEONG LUNG WUI aka TWIN DRAGONS (1992/Cantonese) featuring Jackie Chan in a double role.
Hello-Brother-Twin-DragonsHence a rare case of a trendy remake of a remake of a remake!
Plus another interesting fact in films mentioned above is that it was the first double role played in the careers by all the four leading men as Jackie Chan, Nagarjuna*, Salman Khan* and Varun Dhawan in their respective films.

(*Excluding Salman's SURYAVANSHI, KARAN ARJUN and Nagarjuna's JANAKI RAMUDU as all the three films were based on reincarnation and didnt have the doubles sharing the same frame)
Read more about this chain of films in details in the article written at UCNews by Bobby Sing clicking at the following link.


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