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AIRLIFT Film Soundtrack's Inspired Notes - By Bobby Sing

21 Jan, 2016 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

The latest hit love song from film ‘Airlift’ is indeed a melodiously composed track that wins over you in the first listening itself. But the origin of this particular song actually (once again) goes back to Punjab and one of its most talented young singers Hardy Sandhu.
The creation titled ‘Soch’ got released in late 2013 along with an emotional, well-enacted and directed video doing full justice to the heart touching feeling of the song. And the team included Hardy Sandhu (Singer), B Praak (Music) and Jaani (Lyrics).
The song/album got released on T-Series label only at that time, which has now been musically reworked by Amaal Mallik with lyrics re-written in Hindi by Kumar as ‘Soch Na Sake’, becoming probably the best song of ‘Airlift’s’ entire soundtrack released by the same company. Thankfully the due credits are also given to the original creators in the film’s Audio CD sleeve as required.  
However there is a huge difference in the original and its adaptation in terms of perspectives or storyline and the Punjabi song by Hardy Sandhu remains miles ahead than the reworked version by the new musical team twisting it as per their own requirements. Becoming the major cause of this downfall, where the original is written from the girl’s perspective expressing the true love for her differently abled beloved (sung by the male), the filmy version is just like a routine duet song expressing the mutual love.
But since we all have our own individual tastes in music & lyrics, so do take a look at the beautiful song/video at the given link and make your own decision in terms of comparison.

Link : https://youtu.be/E8rpY2FwKkY
On a different note, another of ‘Airlift’ song “Dil Cheez Tujhe De Di” also has a hook-line that reminds you of a huge hit of the 90s (which interestingly has its own history of inspiration). A fusion song with the similar sounding words, “Didi, Didi” sung by Khaled, which actually became a big rage in India in the year 1992-93 (with versions in Bollywood too), as the Cable TV Revolution had just happened in the country and everyone was too keenly involved in the foreign content airing on their television sets for the first time ever like a dream come true.
Here is Khaled’s version for reference.
Link : https://youtu.be/f7-YyghdmzU

And its Bollywood version too in ‘Shriman Aashique’ (1993)
Link : https://youtu.be/23_J-by64ro
This article of BTC was published at IBNlive.com on 20th January 2016 in an edited form with the heading :
How ‘Airlift’ soundtrack re-packages two very popular songs from the past. - by Bobby Sing

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21 Jan 2016 / Comment ( 2 )
Hi Bobby,
There is another song which is relatively unknown and is a copy of \"Didi\"
by Khaled. The song is \"Jhoom Jhoom (Jee Jee,Jee Jee)\" sung by Sudesh Bhosle and picturised on Kiran Kumar.
The movie is \"Khoon ka Sindoor\" which came out in 1993. It is a typical 90\'s song with girls dancing in Villain\'s den, smoking and drinking.
Raza Murad acting weired.
Please do check out.
Thank you.
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot KennyG for adding another song to the list of inspired songs.

Keep visiting and writing in,

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