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ALADIN - Movie Review : Nobody learned from the mistake called \"Drona\". (Review by Bobby Sing)

31 Oct, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Last year we had a heavy weight fantasy debacle from the banner of Eros Entertainment called “Drona”. And like a child committing the same mistake repeatedly, this year we have a similar kind of forgettable fantasy movie titled “Aladin”, once again from the same prestigious banner of Eros. Wasn’t there even one thinking mind in the team who could see that they were repeating the same horrendous blunder again leading to a big loss, both on financial and goodwill grounds? Wasn’t there any creative person at all, who could point out that “Aladin” was also having the same distasteful ingredients, which were earlier universally rejected in “Drona” in the very first few days of its release? In addition to this, it was really funny to know that the film based on one of the weakest script ever was in reality a product of "Boundscript Motion Pictures".....Looks like they only took care of the outer binding of the script and just forgot to read into the content.

Anyway, the mistake has been committed and the loss has to be faced by everyone involved in the making of this horrifying experience. Playing with the loving memories of a childhood story which is still fresh in our mature minds, the movie shamelessly lies in the lowest zone of creativity. Hanging in the mid, it is neither an enjoyable fare for the kids, nor a refreshing graphical ride for the youngsters. In other words it seems to be the result of the wandering mind of a director who is simply lost in his own artistic world and damn cares of the entertainment quotient of his final product.
To start with, in my opinion there are two most important and exciting sequences in an “Aladin” movie, which have to be dealt with extra care and creativity. First being the entry and introduction sequence of the Jinn. And second, the content of the three wishes granted to Aladin by the Jinn. Originally the whole movie should revolve around these three granted wishes and their surprising aftereffects. But shockingly neither of the above two sequences have been given the much required importance by the director Sujoy Ghosh. The Jinn simply appears from the cloudy smoke in few seconds and then just starts singing a song along with Aladin and a group of dancers, which is arguably the weirdest conceived sequence of the movie. Besides this, the three wishes are just wasted by Aladin, without any excitement build up or entertainment factor for the viewers.
Moreover the kids keep on waiting for something great to unfold on the screen, each time Aladin is going to say a wish, but nothing happens and post interval the movie moves on to a totally different tale of a Ring Master who is also in search of the magic lamp. Can’t say from where he came into the story all of a sudden as we have not read about any such character in the Aladin story. May be the director wanted to add some spice and thrill into the story with some additional villain characters. But sadly, his move of adding a baddie Ring Master, doesn’t work at all. On the contrary, the bonus track deviates the story from its original theme and takes away the world famous charm of this fantasy story.
In the performance department, except Ritesh Deshmukh, almost everyone goes over the top, acting with hyper reactions and high energy. It seems they acted that way according to the brief given by the director. Yet in bold terms, both Amitabh Bachchan & Sanjay Dutt should include this movie as one of the most regretful projects of their career. Debutant Jacqueline Fernandez is just there for adding some glamour value and she delivers what was being expected from her. But I was unable to figure out why three talented veterans Ratna Pathak Shah, Victor Bannerjee and Mita Vashisht were there in the movie playing completely unimportant roles which didn’t suit them at all. Only Ritesh Deshmukh looked like his character of Aladin on the screen and he is the only one who gives an impressive, controlled and enjoyable performance in the movie.
Musically, it’s another mediocre score from Vishal-Shekhar with no Hit Track as such. Moreover, most of the songs in the movie are deliberately added into the proceedings and could have been easily left out at the editing table itself. In fact it’s only the Cinematography and few graphic sequences in the movie which are able to impress the viewer to some extent. Otherwise it’s a complete disaster from the production team, who didn’t learn any lesson from their own dud “Drona”.
It was indeed sad to see all the valuable resources and hard work going down the drain once again in a useless effort of making an epic fantasy Indian movie. Actually we should stop thinking about competing with Hollywood in the Fantasy genre as it’s not possible to reach the level of “Harry Potter” or “Lord of the Rings” with this kind of mind setup, where a Ginni still has to sing songs along with Aladin.
If a big ship sinks then only the captain gets the blame, who is Sujoy Ghosh in this particular case, solely responsible for this silly & mad fiasco. Along with him both Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt are equally responsible for saying yes to this project and raising the expectation levels of all their children fans in the entire world. The veterans of the industry should understand the responsibility associated with their big names and ideally should take utmost care in selecting a project featuring them in the lead roles. But it doesn’t seem to be the way our Industry works as Bollywood keeps on delivering bad and disgraceful projects at regular intervals year after year and that too with some great confidence on their faces before the release.
In a nutshell, it’s high time that the production houses should rethink upon their working strategies. In clear words, they got to keep full control over their ongoing projects and their over-creative directors in order to save the hard earned money of both the makers and the spectators. Cause we really don’t want to witness any other “Drona” or “Aladin” in the future.
Rating : 1 / 5 (What a loss for everyone!)

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31 Oct 2009 / Comment ( 2 )
Pravin S. Pendkalkar

It was your personal review on Aladin, but dear friend every coin has two sides I am on the other side if the said film is bad, and you felt really bad I respect your opinion but any film which is made is with great effort,and money and no one makes a flop film the film which were made brilliantly were flops and GHAR (based on true incident happened near Drive In Theatre the open theatre in Mumbai) was also a flop, but the flop tag does not take anything from the film which was brilliantly made, and there are many examples that films which were badly made were successful and which were made brilliantly.

Just see how brilliantly TAXI NO.9211 was and made directed by Milind Luthria (the son of legend RAJ KHOSALA who gave us Mera gaon mera Desh, Do Raaste, and etc) but the said film got average success at the box office, all actors when joins the caste they think and believe that the film in whcih they are working is going to be hit because no one wants to loose money and further our actors do not want to add flop to their list, therefore you can see what happenned to Rani Mukherkjee she though that yash chopra banner shall give her hit per hit but that happenned.

Therefore no one knows which film shall run, a man who made PAKEEZAH made Razia Sultan what happened. AND ABOVE ALL WHEN YOU WRITE SOMETHING YOU MUST BE HAVING A confidence THAT whatever you WRITE the people shall appreciate but sometimes THEY don\'t ., but you again try and try to do it better, . A fantastic writer like you should write few words of appreciation for all the films irrespective how bad the film is made, so that in future they shall try and make good films.

You said Eros enytertainment made the same mistake with aldin whcih it mad with drona, every one has the feeling that he shall succeed if after one and two flops amitabh wouldn\'t have tried he would never had become the superstar and I was small when Rakjesh Khanna was at its peak and amitabh was just emerging the talking was going on this lean fellow can ever take place of rajesh Khanna, and now see where is amitabh bachchan I shall request the eros ebtertainment company to try and make one more fantasy movie I like Aladin, but yes released timing was wrong as diwali holidays got over but never mind try and try again until you succeed.

Bobby Sing

As you said, "This is your personal view about Aladin"...........so YES, this is my personal view and my dear friend I am here to write about movies out of my personal thoughts only.

As mentioned in my Introduction Text, I am not here to write good about any BAD movie taking into consideration its prodution house, director or actors.

I might be the biggest fan of Sir Amitabh Bachchan, but I cannot applaud a poor film only because its featuring my dear Amitabh in it.

And yes you have to try & try again until you get success. But one should also know that he cannot scceed in life while travelling towards the North, when the desired destination is actually lying in the South. So even the repeated attmepts have to made in the right direction.

I saw an interview of all the artists, director and music directors on the TV and what confidence they had while explaining about "Aladin". But when i saw their actual work, the only thought i had in my mind was "What was that Confidence all about."

To end, I would like to mention that even the word "Aladin" makes you think of children and your childhood. But what was there in the movie for the children in the theater. Saying from my personal experiences the kids in the theater were busy playing with their popcorn tubs and drinks rather than looking at "Aladin" running on the screen. 
And  I think that says it all about the merit of the movie, which neither had enjoyable funny moments for the children nor very high quality computer graphics for the youngsters who are now very much familiar with the animation world and its develoments.

Morevoer you gave the examples of GHAR & TAXI NO. 9211, which were well made but could not be that successful. The examples were fine but you cannot keep ALADIN in that category from any angle and the coming days will clearly give you the right picture.

One of the recent movie which can be included in that category was "Luck By Chance"

But I really enjoyed reading your elaborate comment and even more enjoyed answering it.

Keep Writing.

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