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ANTARDWAND - Movie Review : Should be treated equally important by the media as PEEPLI LIVE but sadly it doesn't have AN AAMIR associated with it. (Review by Bobby Sing)
27 Aug, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

Few weeks before we had a small movie made on a realistic subject which went on to become a huge success, mainly due to its well planned marketing campaign and its association with a big name in the industry, AAMIR KHAN. And this week we again have an equally important film, made on another realistic truth of our rural population which sadly doesn’t have AN AAMIR associated with itself. As a result, media is least concerned about its release, the channels have no special coverage around the movie and majority of the viewers are not even aware of its theatrical release this Friday.

That’s how our media plays partial to some specific projects and the rest simply die and wither out in the midst of the overhype created by some big names in the industry. ANTARDWAND becomes the latest victim of this commercial process as it cannot be considered a lesser important film than PEEPLI LIVE in any respect. Yes, it’s not a comic feature nor a hilarious satire filled with high dosage of local abusives. But evidently it does talk about another bitter truth of our society which even has its own consequences on the coming generations.
Coming to its basic storyline based on some true incidents, I bet most of the youngsters living in the cities would really find it very hard to believe that this actually happens in our country in the year 2010. But the truth is that it’s indeed a reality wherein young and well educated boys having a bright future are kidnapped and then forcefully married to girls of rich and influential families without asking their consent. Director Sushil Rajpal surely deserves praises for choosing this novel idea for his movie, which he also successfully transforms into an applaudable, powerful film with a strong social message.
The movie starts off calmly and without wasting any time starts talking about its main topic of Groom Kidnapping within minutes. The performances are believable and the actual locations give a rustic feel to the project as required by its subject. It has few worth watching sequences showcasing the hiding and beating of the groom and his attempt of running away. Moreover the intelligent move of keeping an open ending also works in the favour of the film which forces the viewer to think and have his own conclusions.
The performances of its entire cast especially the explosive acts of Vinay Pathak and Akhilendra Mishra take the movie to a different level altogether. Raj Singh Chaudhary as the victim groom underplays it well and Swati Sen is quite natural. All the other actors playing the members of both the families are equally impressive. Musically the film has got nothing much to talk about but I felt its background music could have been better.
The only flaw which restricts ANTARDWAND to strike hard on the viewers is its slow pace in the mid where nothing is happening in the script as far as the story progress is concerned. It’s the phase in which the couple (post their forceful marriage) is locked in a room for developing a liking for each other and getting physically involved as a husband and wife. But after the well conceived and brilliantly written confrontation scene between both the head of the families, the pace gets back on track and the story moves ahead. Another drawback of the film is its too simple narration at times which is not fiery enough as seen in some similar issue based films made by Prakash Jha, such as APRAHAN.
However, ANTARDWAND remains an important film mainly for touching the following burning issues of our current society, with its unique subject and treatment :
1. It clearly shows the fascination of families in some areas towards educated young boys who are expected to become IAS Officers or reputed Government Officials in the near future. This in fact results in a cut throat competition within the students and an unbearable pressure of high expectations of their parents, which further gives rise to Students Suicides.
2. The scene where the father himself suggests his girl to get an abortion simply shows that this curse still remains highly active in the rural areas despite of the strict new laws implemented by the government against it.
3. The whole concept of kidnapping the groom basically arises as many families face a problem in finding a suitable match for their girls in the local region. The reason for this remains “Flight from Land” wherein all the well educated boys shift their base to either cities or to a foreign land & don’t prefer to spend their lives in the rural regions.
4. The subject also throws a light towards the misuse of power and influence in the remote areas, where the rich can get anything they want for their families with the support of both the police and the law-makers.
5. Lastly and most importantly the problem of finding a suitable match for the girl and then arranging for her dowry also becomes one of the biggest reasons why every couple wants a boy in their laps instead of a girl, especially in the rural areas. And this further leads to the current burning issue of GIRL FOETICIDE prevalent in the country all over.
So, if we take into account the above mentioned points then ANTARDWAND undoubtedly should be publicized in a much better way both by the Media and the Government as a part of their social responsibility. But unfortunately it does not have the support of a Big Star who can readily feature in all the reality shows on the T.V. converting “ANTARDWAND” in a household name within weeks.
If producers like AAMIR KHAN are really interested in doing some social work by making films such as “PEEPLI LIVE” then they should also come forward in adopting these kinds of small films which are capable of raising some valid questions in the society too. But if their main aim is to only make some quick millions in a weekend, then that’s a different case altogether.
Summing up, if you loved PEEPLI LIVE purely for its subject and social issue then you may find ANTARDWAND even better as it doesn’t take any help either from the media or from a big star.

Ratings : 3 / 5

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27 Aug 2010 / Comments ( 4 )

As i belong to bihar,so i know this subject very well...........it is still happening there. Choosing this subject is very very bold step to film makers,i congratulate them.Today media being paid to highlight a movie or issue,Aamir used well in past but Antardwand makers fail to create a buzz..............there r many more issues or cinema still under earth searching a good curator to find its place................I appretiate Bobby singh who reviews the movie well,unless many reviewers will ignore this realistic type of cinema..............

Bobby Sing

Thanks Saurabh for your kind and informative comment.......Looking forward for more comments from your side....so Keep Visiting........Cheers!

Vikas Bhargava

Just Came back from watching Antardwand. This has to be the funniest movie I have seen in the theater till date. It was sooo bad, sooo corny and sooo badly directed that it makes me think whether Anurag Kashyap was stoned out flat when he recommended this movie as a Gem. The whole theater was laughing mad at the circus on show.

Accepted that we wish to have some real hard hitting subjects on screen, but please, dont destroy them by making such ill produced, atrociously acted movie.

Bobby Sing
Hi Vikas,
Its fine, you didnt like the movie due to its poor production values, but the acting wasnt bad as you have mentioned.

However, what i feel is that instead of PEEPLI LIVE, this was a subject more proper to be made as a COMIC SATIRE, as the topic of making a sleepy person getting married to a girl without his knowledge and then waking up in a locked room with the girl, indeed had more elements to be converted into a comic situation.

But since the film had no big producer to back up, or no big start to deliberately make you believe that it is really good, so it remained an alien kind of film for most of the viewers.

Yet nodoubt it had the plot which was equally socially relevant like "PEEPLI LIVE" and yes it could have been much better that what it came out to be in the end.

Thanks for your comment and Keep Visiting,


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