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AURANGZEB - Despite good performances & few engaging moments it majorly remains a non-entertaining venture throughout. (Review By Bobby Sing)

18 May, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

Coming straight to the point, if you think for a while then double role is basically incorporated in a script only for two genres. Either the twins plot is used in a comedy or in a fast paced crime thriller to give the viewers those thrilling/enjoyable moments featuring the two interchanging characters. Moreover all the films using this particular idea ideally need to have a much better second half wherein the contrasting identities get revealed to everyone with a shock and it all ends on a highly exciting note giving you a real good time in the theater.
Now if a film uses this plot of double role in an emotionally tensed crime drama and yet fails to give you that thrill and excitement as promised with a pretty mediocre second half then its certainly not a good film at all, even if it has some worthy performances delivered by its talented cast. In fact that is exactly the one line review of AURANGZEB which has Rishi Kapoor, Prithviraj, Amrita Singh and Jackie Shroff giving their best along with Arjun Kapoor trying it real hard but the film betrays them all due to its weak screenplay and uninteresting progression in the end.
Admittedly, AURANGZEB has a fabulous start which impresses you a lot, displaying a fine blend of commercial and thoughtful cinema with all the family twists introduced in its initial 15 minutes. The factual depiction of land mafia operating in Gurgaon & few dialogues representing the mindset of people living there from decades are simply great which indicate towards a fairly good film coming up in the next few reels, for sure. But sadly, the moment its twin characters get replaced in the script, the film begins to drop drastically and further enters a completely unentertaining zone all of a sudden which simply fails to give you anything equivalent to its notable start as promised.
The scenes become too long and the conversations utterly uninteresting making way for many childish sequences particularly in its second half. For instance just imagine a cunning girl who regularly sleeps with the twin no.1 as her lover. Now after the interchanging takes place, she also sleeps with no. 2 and only has to say this much in the morning that “You were not so violent last night”!!! Now for me it was undoubtedly one of the most hilarious cinematic jokes I have heard this year. Anyway moving over this bizarre love affair written carelessly, later we are also made to see some reckless, silly shootouts in the climax which further pull down the film to more ridiculous levels. It was as if the writers were not able to reach any mutually accepted conclusion therefore they decided to use few guns and kill everyone on the screen to finish it off quickly. So with such an ordinary second half AURANGZEB is not able to maintain the standard showcased in its own compelling beginning and crashes like a branded plane badly. Yet I can say that its debut director Atul Sabharwal has got the talent to bounce back with something worth watching for sure in the near future.
To say it in few words, the film can strictly be seen for Rishi Kapoor and Prithviraj alone as they have truly lived their characters on the screen superbly. Amrita Singh and Jackie Shroff are great too but their roles are not lengthy enough to come up that strong. Arjun Kapoor on the other hand works real hard which is clearly visible in his sincere efforts but he still needs to focus on his weaknesses. The debutant Sasheh Agha (Salma Agha’s daughter) does some extremely bold scenes in her very first film and is going to need a big favour of luck in order to get that fantasized stardom. Tanvi Azmi is effective as the mother of twins but here we have two precious actors simply wasted like nothing namely Anupam Kher and Deepti Naval in a very questionable manner.
Another laudable merit of the project is its Cinematography, which actually makes the film more interesting than it really is. It’s a non-performer in its musical department and has an uneven background score too which is good in certain scenes and just average in others. Also the film desperately required a crispier edit since it seems to be too long mainly due to a typically predictable second half failing to do the trick.
On the whole, AURANGZEB is not as huge as it name suggests. So you can easily wait for its DVD release and save your money.
Rating : 2 / 5

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18 May 2013 / Comment ( 2 )
No Mention of any \'inspirations\' what with the name of Amitabh\'s \'Trishul\' making rounds all over? (In my opinion , Trishul was an extension of Deewaar and not better than the former)
Is there a sepearte post for this films inspirations?
Would love to see this for Rishi Kapoor who unlike Big B is not wasting his talents in stereotypical father roles. Also Prithviraj who looks interesting.
Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
There are numerous Hindi Films which deal with the "Left Mother with a Kid" including both legitimate and otherwise.
Plus this has nothing to do with TRISHUL directly as the mother leaves with her own will and takes away one kid too and wishfully leaves the other.
Secondly there is no strong revenge angle used here cause I think nowadays they cant relate it with such kind of mindstate............ because the lead characters are themselves confused what to do with their feelings in the entire film.....
So till now there is nothing on the inspirations front here in specific terms.


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