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AVATAR - Magnificent World Cinema in execution but an Indian movie from heart. (Movies To See Before You Die - Adventure / Science Fiction)

30 Dec, 2009 | Articles on Cinema / Movies To See Before You Die / Adventure

After going through many outstanding reviews and views written all over the globe, I excitedly went to see the most expensive film made till date and was quite impressed by the magical experience on the celluloid created by the veteran director James Cameron. His “Avatar” no doubt surpasses all the previous attempts made in the genre of science fiction and is evidently the most lavish and illustrious work done on the subject of the unknown world belonging to the aliens.

Much has been already written about the unimaginable achievement made by the movie in the field of computer graphics and its outstanding depiction of a fictional world existing on an alien planet. Hence, here instead of writing about its technical brilliance, I would like to indicate the Indian connection in the movie which lies in its basic story plot and script.
While watching the world famous sci-fi and its story progressing on the screen, I was quite surprised to notice that though the movie was an English flick made on the subject of aliens, still it was very much an Indian movie from heart with a storyline quite similar to many Hindi movies we have seen in the past.
For Instance let me draft one of the most commonly used plots in Hindi movies :
An informer (The Hero) is sent on a secret mission by the Police department to enter the gang of a famous dacoit and then inform them about all his major illegal activities. The informer successfully enters the gang but incidentally also falls in love with the daughter of the dacoit (The Heroine). Their love faces a crisis when the gang comes to know about the real identity of the Hero and they almost beat him to death. The girl also feels as betrayed by the Hero.
Post intermission, the Hero somehow survives, returns to the Police and tries to convince them that actually the Dacoit and his gang are not bad people. But unable to impress them, he returns to the gang and becomes a part of them to get her girl back. Later after few heart transformations in the Gang, the Police attacks them and kills all the major characters on the other side. In the end, the loving couple gets united but only after their brutal assassination by the police bullets.
This is the plot we have seen several times in our Hindi Movies right from the era of “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai”. Earlier it was Dacoits in the 60s & 70s, which later turned into smugglers in the 80s and presently it’s the Underworld in the current decade.
Now, interestingly “Avatar” is also based on a similar storyline wherein the Dacoits are the Alien people residing on a different planet called “Pandora”. The Hero is transformed by the scientists into a look alike of the aliens and is sent on the planet to report their actual movements. Here also The Hero meets a girl who is the daughter of the Alien’s Chief. She saves the life of the Hero in the first meeting and later they both fall in love leading to further sequences in the movie. In the climax the Space Explorers from Earth, attack the whole planet with extensive bombing and firing and turn a beautiful planet into ashes. Still in the end, all the attackers are finished by the collective efforts of the aliens and then the love prevails.
Isn’t it a Hindi Film story completely…., seen so many times on the Indian screen? I think most of the readers would agree to that. Nevertheless, talking about the movie as a whole, “Avatar” is a spellbinding experience to enjoy, especially on the Big Screen with hypnotic graphical sequences and astonishing sound effects in their full flow. It has a title most probably inspired by the word “Avatar” meaning “Incarnation” in Hindi and it also makes you feel proud as you witness a Spectacular English Science Fiction made on a typical Indian Hindi Love Story. So do watch it if you love the genre of Sci-Fi talking about the Aliens.

Written and Directed by James Cameron
Starring : Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and more.

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30 Dec 2009 / Comments ( 4 )

Hai Bobby,

Exactly as you said I too feel the same. Its a Indian mythology. The Tamil/telugu movie lovers are aware of a brilliant film maker called Vittalacharya who creates "the Avatars" as his characters. Avathars happened in real life too,if one reads the life of Adi Sankara. Its real. another thing I really appreaciate in this life is his message of the Pagan\'s worship of our natural resources and the Environmental awareness .The Navis characterisation is full of Pagan content. He says how we are connected together in nature (The communication with one another). He conveyed the same message in his earliar film too (The Abyss). Apart from the Sci-Fi content,its more human i can say..I love this film very much!

Bobby Sing

Rightly said Bavani,

Its a true human movie in soul, but sadly the sci-fi disguise took away the all the limelight.
Still the right people are getting their message through the movie.

Do read my article on "Kala Bandar" too. Will wait for you comment on that.

Take Care......Cheers!


Hi bobby am big fan of HumLog. I want to see now but how plz telme. I\'ll be thankful to you.

Bobby Sing

Hi Annie,
Thanks for writing in and I hope the following few links would give you something to cherish as the serials complete episodes or DVD are still not there over the net.




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