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Amazing Historical Find - Sikhism, Hindu Mythology & Mughal Dynasty Together (Did You Know - 5)

23 Nov, 2008 | Did You Know! / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Last week, destiny took me to the Divine Ghats of Sacred Ganga at Haridwar and there incidentally I witnessed a strange and beautiful historical place which had amazing ancient wall paintings combining Sikhism, Hindu Mythology and Mughal Dynasty in India. I was stunned to see those paintings shining bright and also wondered that has anyone thought of researching on them or have they been researched already which was not in my knowledge and even not known to the locals there. I was very much eager to write about it here, expecting someone reading would be able to explain their origin in a better way and enlighten me about them.
The paintings mentioned above were found in a Gurdwara in Kankhal. The place is more famous for performing the last rituals of the parted souls as it is situated on the bank of river Ganga. But the holy place has its historical importance too related to Sikhism.

Gurdwara At Kankhal (Haridwar) - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

According to Sikh History, the third Guru, Guru Amar Dass Ji visited Haridwar frequently for tapasya and Samadhi (meditation). He used to come from Amritsar and sit at a place, which now can be seen at this Gurdwara at Kankhal. The platform (thadha) where he used to meditate is still there, properly maintained and worshipped by the locals and other visitors. Here is the picture of that holy historical place for you.
Gurdwara Kankhal (Haridwar) - Bobby Talks Cinema.com
Now just above this platform, there is a dome which can only be seen if you enter this place with the permission of the priest there. From outside, I could see that something was painted on the inner side of the dome and with all the excitement to see what was there, I entered the place with due permission. As I focused on the top I was amazed to see that it was beautifully divided in parts and each part had a different figure painted in it. All the colours were shining as they were painted only few years back. Take a glance at what I saw in the first look. 
 Gurdwara Kankhal (Haridwar) - Bobby Talks Cinema.com
Now comes the best part of this find. As I closely watched the paintings I was surprised to see the combination of different figures which were painted in the different divisions. One figure was of the first Guru of Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the second was of Great Lord Krishna in blue, the third was of Goddess Lakshmi Ji  (as I could make out) with a lotus in her hand and most astonishingly the fourth was a figure of a Mughal Emperor sitting on his throne (Coudn’t make out who exactly he is). See for yourself. 
    Gurdwara Kankhan (Haridwar) - Bobby Talks Cinema.com
    Gurdwara Kankhan (Haridwar) - Bobby Talks Cinema.com
    Gurdwara Kankhan (Haridwar) - Bobby Talks Cinema.com
According the locals and stone engravings there, the place has its origin in the 16th century, so the Mughal figure may be of the ruling emperor in the 16th century. If you think about all individually then the most important question which comes to the mind is that what relationship could be there between the paintings as they are all made at one place. They are not sculptures brought from different places and put together, but they are hand painted figures drafted at one time only.
I don’t know the reason for their co-existence but what other better example of one mankind do we need. The three most famous religions of India are here painted besides each other, but its our own choice that we prefer worshipping them separately in their respective shrines.
There must be several other unknown places like this which hold the most important message of one-ness needed today, but who is interested to know about them? Historically, whatever may be the explanation for these paintings, but I really cherished the moment looking at them and wished to share this with all my readers.
Hope you loved reading and seeing them too. Do write in if you know more details about the place or the paintings.

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23 Nov 2008 / Comments ( 4 )

Seems to me Sufi saint kabir rather than Moghul emperor.

Bobby Sing

Hi Richa,

Thanks for writing in but KABIR in my opinion never wore a Mughal like Turban with a Kalgi on the top. Moreover the royal style in which the person is sitting with a pillow behind does not match the persona of Great Kabir Saab.

Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.....Cheers!


Wow, thank you so much for this wonderful article.
I don\'t know more about the shrine but I found another wonderful temple where Krishna, Durga and many others and also Guru Granth Sahib are worshipped together. It is in Dehra Dun at New Cantonment Road (comming from Dilram Chowk after I think 1 km the street makes a turn). It is definitely worth a visit!

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Thomas for visiting and writing in.
And I will certainly try to visit the temple you have mentioned in Dehra Dun in my next visit to any place nearby.

Do keep visiting.

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