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Anatomy of a Murder (1959) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Court Room Drama)

17 May, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Court Room

Rated among the Best Court Room Dramas around the globe, “Anatomy of a Murder” is no doubt a worth watching thriller for all the lovers of this particular genre. But frankly speaking the movie is included in my Must See Movies List purely for its direction, execution and performances. Because as far as the story content and its investigations are concerned, I found them not so exciting, lacking the expected brain teaser kind of twists & turns in the screenplay. But what bowled me over, were its brilliant performances and the intriguing style in which the two lawyers compete with each other on a controversial case of Rape and cold blooded Murder in the court.

In fact the movie unarguably features one of the most authentic depiction of a court room drama, wherein the lawyers are dying to overshadow each other in order to win the case with their own unique tricks of the trade. Even when the script doesn’t have any great shocking moments to offer to its viewers, it’s the characters on the screen and their true to life acts which take the movie to an entirely different level of excellence.

Featuring one of James Stewart’s finest performances of his career, “Anatomy of a Murder” can easily be crowned as the best thesis on a Lawyer’s behavior in the court. In other words if you want to study the finer details of how a attorney (both defense and prosecution) actually fights and proceeds in front of the honorary Judge, then you got to see this as a compulsion. The movie quite honestly shows the viewer, the qualities of a Lawyer, who proves to be intelligent, sharp, witty, humorous and spontaneous while arguing for his case. But at the same time it also reveals the ugly side of the profession when he goes on to the level of being cunning, distasteful, disrespectful and full of hatred in his attempt of winning the case and proving the accused guilty.

Incidentally the movienever shows you any original happening of the crime and the case actually starts, days after the actual offense has been committed. But still it successfully manages to keep you glued on to the ongoing case hearings and arguments put forward by both the lawyers in front of the final authority. It also ends with few open questions left on the individual understanding of the viewers which further leads to many different conclusions of the case and its verdict.

Hence, I would really like to recommend “Anatomy of a Murder” solelyfor the worth watching performance of James Stewart as the good lawyer, with a not so good track record. And if you love the genre of Court Room Dramas sincerely, then you are sure going to cherish the commendable act by the well known actor for long.

Directed By Otto Preminger
Starring : James Stewart, George C. Scott & more.

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17 May 2010 / Comments ( 4 )
Sanchit Goyal

I got to know about this movie from this site itself. And after checking the summary and rating on IMDB decided to give it a watch and saw it yesterday. My opinion on the movie-

1.) Though the movie dont have any major twists it still keeps the viewer interested till the end which is commendable for a movie of 2:40 hour duration!

 2.) Excellent performances by everyone.

3.) The jazz background music is a treat.

4.) Courtroom tricks are nicely shown specially when lawyers say somethings on purpose (even when they know they arent allowed ) to influence the jury.

5.) The ending itself may not be liked by all as it leaves few questions unanswered but till the end movie keeps the person interested.

My rating- 9/10.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Sanchit for watching it after reading about it at this site and Glad to know that you liked it too.

Keep writing.......Cheers!


Hi, It's a master peice of Otto Preminger and excelent performence of Jimmy Stewert. If you know very well the court proceding, then only one can relise the best part of the movie. All "Objection" whether it sustained or overrulled is just according to law. Each and evry question asked during the trail is a perfect sample of question of Law which is permisible in court room. It's a perfect court room trail. Any way "To Kill A Mocking Bird" should be in the list of "Court Room Drama"

Bobby Sing

Hi Prosenjit,
Yes it certainly is a masterpiece and I will be soon be adding TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD in the list too as it is pending since quite a time.
Thanks for reminding me again.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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