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Aradhana (1969) & To Each His Own (1946)
03 Jan, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A

“Aradhana”, a major Hit of 1969, was the main turning point in the careers of both Rajesh Khanna & Kishore Kumar. The rich & melodious songs of the movie became a national craze in the year of its release. The song “Mere Sapno Ki Rani” is still used as an introduction for Kishore Da and Rajesh Khanna in various stage shows and TV programmes even today. Apart from the musical merit of the movie, it also had a career best performance from Sharmila Tagore in the tough role of a sacrificing mother, for which she deservingly won Filmfare Best Actress Award at that time.  

However, the story and its basic theme is entirely inspired from “To Each His Own”, a 1946 movie, directed by Mitchell Leisen. The interesting point is that here too the leading lady Olivia de Havillan, received the Best Actress Academy Award for her outstanding performance in the movie.  

Chek out at : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0039040/


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03 Jan 2010 / Comments ( 4 )
Amit Rums
Akshay Aish\'s upcoming movie \'Action replay\' seems 2 b copied from \'Back to the future,1985\' just from the trailor.
V. Manohar

Aradhana was one of the classic and Block Bluster of all times of Super Star Rajesh Khanna.

Harry P

I watched "To Each his Own" in the later part of the 60s, enjoyed the story and acting very much. Then watched Aradhana in the early 70s, also a well made and acted movie. I noticed the storyline was identical in many aspects. It became a tremendous super hit in India and Shakti Samantha received accoladaes for writing such a fresh storyline.

I don\'t understand the praises one gets from a duplicated idea....I would however understand a truthful acknowlegement from the filmakers that the story is based on an original version and place a footnote in the titles saying so....due credit should be received for one\'s original work. In this case Aradhana only become a success because of it\'s storyline, and of course the actors.

Bobby Sing

Hi Harry,
You are very right in saying so as I strongly believe in giving the right credit to the actual creator of an idea or plot.
AND it is really nothing less than shameful when very known persons also hide their real sources and go on enjoying the praises from all corners.
I felt the same and was really disturbed when I came to know that one of my favourite films "Ek Ruka Hua Faisla" was actually an EXACT COPY of another great film "12 ANGRY MEN"
Infact that weas the day when I started collecting info on this and started featuring it in my specially included section of the site revealing such kind of films.

So you are very right in your comment.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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