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Ardh Satya (1983) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)

24 Dec, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers

Ardh Satya - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

One of the most famous and widely appreciated movies of director Govind Nihalani, ARDH SATYA was probably the first path breaking Hindi film featuring a revolting Police Inspector as its main protagonist fighting against the corrupt system. So where the present generation might have seen many similar films made on this powerful subject such as SHOOL, GANGAJAL and more, ARDH SATYA was the original trend-setter of this particular theme made way back in 1983.
A hard hitting, realistic thriller based on a thoughtful screenplay written by the renowned Vijay Tendulkar, the film came up with a pretty bold, blunt and revolutionary execution in those years like a shocking social exposer. As a result it received a unanimous positive response both from the critics as well as the masses enjoying the exciting drama enacted by some exceptional actors. The film had an authentic portrayal of an honest Police Officer caught in his moral dilemma brilliantly performed by Om Puri. And further had some outstanding supporting performances by Smita Patil, Amrish Puri, Shafi Inamdaar, Naseeruddin Shah and Sadashiv Amrapurkar making a solid impact in his debut venture. Personally, I found the individual sequences of Om Puri with Smita Patil and Amrish Puri, as the most intriguing ones in the film, taking it to much greater heights with a remarkable insight into the frustrating and torn life of an honest officer caught in the cunning web of corruption.
Superbly directed by Govind Nihalani, ARDH SATYA has a convincing Art Direction, credible Cinematography, a crisp Edit and many worth praising, effective dialogues which eventually earned it 5 Filmfare and 1 National Award quite deservingly. To name them all, the film won Filmfare’s Best Movie, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Sadashiv), Best Screenplay and Best Story Award (S.D. Panwalker) along with the National Award of Best Actor for Om Puri in the year 1984.
It is said the film was initially offered to Amitabh Bachchan who declined the offer and the gem came into the lap of Om Puri as planned by the destiny. Also reportedly Govind Nihalani shot a different version of its climax (than what was initially written in the script), which was later show to Vijay Tendulkar for his approval. The veteran readily agreed for the change as it was indeed amended to make a better impact on the viewer as desired. So if you really wish to re-visit one of the first revolutionary movies of Hindi Cinema then do watch ARDH SATYA as a must and witness the rebellious mood of our film-makers in those changing times.
Directed by Govind Nihalani
Starring : Om Puri, Smita Patil, Amrish Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Sadashiv Amrapurkar and more.
Music By Ajit Verman

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24 Dec 2013 / Comments ( 4 )
Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby,
Great movie no doubt, another movie called DROHKAAL by Govind Nihlani having one of the unbelivable & impactful ending ever seen on hindi movie.
Your esteemed view awaited.

Best Regards
Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,
Yes, surely Nihalani delivered another gem in the mid nineties as DROHKAAL, from which I still remember the exceptional scenes of Ashsih Vidyarthi, Anu Kapoor and Mita Vashisht.
However I also remeber its pace to be too slow........ vaguely but now would try to revisit it soon and get back here with more on the same.

Till then Keep Visiting and Writing in.


Apt write up for this great movie!
Didn\'t the Amitabh movie \'Dev\' by the same director and also starring Om Puri have elements from this movie?

Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the appreciating words and yes DEV had similar characters indeed but the film was more about communial hatred and riots in particular as I can remember.

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